“Must I Identify a Memory?”

Question about using The Healing Codes:
I have no trouble identifying an emotional issue, however I can’t always link the feeling to a specific memory.  Is it OK to do the Healing
Code on the emotional issue alone?”
You do not absolutely need to link the emotion to a specific early memory. Your heart will find and heal the issues that need to be healed.
That said, I will add that if you can find an early memory, it seems to speed healing. The more specific you can be with The Healing Code, the quicker the healing seems to happen. (That’s why custom codes are so powerful; they are specific to your particular issue. ) But you never want  to force anything with The Healing Code; that’s counter-productive.
At the beginning of your Healing Code session, give yourself a moment for any memories to surface. If they don’t, do the Code on the current emotional issue. As you work with The Healing Code and heal, you may find it easier to access the earlier memories.
Your heart may be protecting you from remembering early memories. Many of my clients also find that after working with The Healing Codes for a time, memories that have healed come to the surface. If there’s no emotional charge on that memory, then it usually means it’s healed. One of the wonderful benefits of The Healing Code is you “get your life back” as these healed memories surface.
One client had a very key early memory with several negative elements that needed to be healed. Interestingly, once the negative parts of the memory healed, it became a very positive memory–one she even started using for her “love picture”!
That’s all The Healing Code does, by the way: heals the negative aspects of the pictures and feelings. Yet when that happens, as the book explains, many amazing things can happen.
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Hi Diane,
I have the digital codes and the q codes.  We were told at work we have a few months only, we have been consolidated.  I have soooo many feelings and they change sooo quickly from rage, to anger to terror to my check makes the house payment, what are we going to do?  I know God is not surprised but I am and I have no idea where to start because my feelings are all over the place. Any help would be appreciated.  

David Fanelli

I had a particular memory that seemed to have no emotional charge, yet i knew it was a disturbing memory related to my brother. About 3 weeks ago, this memory surfaced once again and the full impact of the emotional charge came with it!  It actually overwhelmed me, and I knew it was a serious core memory requiring the emotional charge to be released….  however, I thought all along that it wasn't an important early core memory because the 'emotional charge' was never attached to it until the day the healing began. Sometimes, if you recall a memory that you… Read more »

John-Arthur Daley

Hi Diane,
I pray  constantly whilst doing the healing codes is this OK to do?


I started doing the hc last November. I made the hif test then and scored 216, later I repeated it and had 208, yesterday I repeated it again and had only 200. I thought since I feel better I should have a better score?? Also I seem to have the best mark there where I have obviously the most problems. But I do make the test completely and honestly since it does not make sense otherwise. Does anyone have a clue why that happens this way?


How will I know when to move to another heart issue?

Caryl St Clair

Yes the book clearly mentions we don't have to have a specific memory. I find I don't because I am doing the Issues Finder test and working with each lowest score for a month at a time, then I do the test again. I seem to run out of memories after the first 2 weeks or so. My question is one of my scores (the peace category) fell 2 months after I had spent a month doing the truth statement previously. Your comment Diane? Having said that all my scores have been higher except that one and remarkably so. Thanks… Read more »

Christina Courting

Thank you so much for this information. I was wondering the same thing. I have three main problem areas in my life right now and thought that if I just work my way through all the memories, eventually all my problems will clear up. Please let me know if that is not correct.


Diane, I have afriend who does the code religously with amazing results, and I just started doing them. So far the results are very good. She tells me that I really need to get a coach for some of the hard core issues. Simply becuase there may be a memory passed down through multiple generations. Meaning I have inherited but its not really mine. She told me that she routinely uses a coach on the really diificult ones, and has discovered three memeories that were passed down through grand parents.( I dont know this is done but she swears it… Read more »

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