My Medical Doctor’s Assessment of The Healing Codes


I just got back from getting my yearly physical with my doctor, who has an MD and a DO.

Dr. Collins gave me a Heart Rate Variability type test, among others. This is the same test Dr. Alex Loyd used to validate The Healing Codes, because it shows the stress in the autonomic nervous system and whether the body is in balance. The HRV showed that I have low physical stress, borderline high mental stress (yes, it has been a very stressful season, with the kitchen issue among other things). But my stress resistance was even higher.

She tested my heart and said I "have the heart of an athlete." She asked me twice if I have ever been one. (Answer: no. I do walk for 20-25 minutes a day, no matter what. That's it.) The various things the test measured were either in the normal or optimal range. The DPI (Differential Pulse Wave Index) that "represents the overall health of the cardiovascular system" was well into the "optimal" range.

All other numbers from the blood work are perfect. (My cholesterol used to be a little high, though the highest numbers were the "good" cholesterol.) Recently I had other blood tests done for my thyroid. That too was now normal.

My doctor concluded, "You are healthier now than when you first started seeing me (5 or 6 years ago)."  (I started seeing this doctor shortly before I had my mini-stroke and subsequently was healed of a PFO, or hole in my heart. You can view a video of my story here. So I went from a "hole in the heart" to a heart operating in the optimal range. I would have to say, I think the physical mirrors the state of my nonphysical Heart as well.)

Her conclusion was, "I really think it's The Healing Codes."

Her attributing this good report mostly to The Healing Codes is accurate, I think, because that's what The Healing Codes do: they increase your resistance to the harmful effects of stress. You may have high mental stress, but if the stress resistance is higher, you won't have the negative effects of the stress on body, soul and mind. The Healing Codes also help you "heal the holes in the heart" spiritually.

Of course I was very pleased with this recent report. I am most grateful for this wonderful tool God has put in my path and the path of many others who have also benefited. 

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Congratulations Diane! I know you must feel ecstatic, and I feel grateful for you and through you. The Healing Codes are fantastic.  Although, at this time I must use the Universal Codes, however there is no way I will ever stop using them.  What once bothered me has very little if any impact on me, also noticing other positive changes.  I am looking forward to the day I can purchase the entire system,  what a life saving tool from God and Alex. Diane, it is difficult to find a doctor that will endorse modalities other than presciption drugs.  It must… Read more »

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