New Opportunity for Highly Sensitive People to Learn & Connect


I wrote already about a course I took with Julie Bjelland, about how to embody the gifts of High Sensitivity, otherwise known as Sensory Processing Sensitivity.

I am thrilled to announce that Julie has started a very reasonably-priced membership site, Sensitive Empowerment.

This global community will not only give you a way to continue to get some of Julie’s best teachings, but also to learn from experts she will interview. For instance, a naturopathic doctor will be talking about “How to Care for Your Highly Sensitive Body.” Replays of interviews, QA with Julie will also be available.

Perhaps one of the most valuable aspects of membership, however, is the community you will connect to. Validation of our trait is one of our main needs as Highly Sensitive People.

Because our nervous system is wired differently, we experience the world differently than “the other 80%” of the world. If our way of being in the world was never validated, we can easily come to believe there’s something wrong with us. By reading other HSPs’ experiences, we realize we may be very different from 80% of the world, but we are very much like 20% of the world–the other HSPs. This can provide that “I’m OK” sense, and a feeling of belonging, that perhaps we haven’t feel much, if at all, in our lives.

Every day you get something. For instance, here’s a little tip that just came through (it struck me because being present is exactly what I’m working on):


Practice being present in the moment in everything that you’re doing today. Notice how many more energy points you have at the end of the day. Every time you practice bringing yourself to the present moment you are strengthening that brain ability to pause and reflect instead of react.


You can join here for a free trial period. As they say: “Try it, you’ll like it!”



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