Optimize healing–For Others and Yourself


In my last blog post, I talked about how you can influence the healing of others as you focus on healing yourself.

I know many of you are concerned about, and involved in, doing Healing Codes for others. I’ve spoken with several people who seem to possess a gift of healing others, and some common themes have emerged that seem to optimize healing.

So I thought I’d expand on the do’s and don’ts of healing others.

The Right Energy

Being in the right energy is the main requirement. Your energy can either enhance the healing of another person, or impede it.

Characteristics of the right energy include:

  • No attachment to the results. This can be a difficult one if you’re wanting so badly to see a loved one healed. However, it seems that God works best when we get out of the way.

    One thing that struck me in Mary’s story of how she released her healing to a young man with MS, was that she hardly knew the person. She’d met him once, and felt led to pray for him and release her Healing Codes to him. Pure joy accompanied that practice.

She wrote, “That joy seemed to come from somewhere deep inside me and it would spring up with a noticeable little burst each time I released the effects of my Codes to Dave.   I do think that was an important element.  (I know it is difficult to “manufacture” joy, particularly when you are really worried about someone.  In this case, I believe that it was easier for me to feel true joy as I included Dave, because he is not a close friend or relative; so that element of fear and sadness that one might feel with a close relative/friend was not present.}”

Another friend, who felt led to pray for a stranger in a doctor’s office when the person confided she had cancer, also said it was easier to pray because she didn’t know the person.

  • No ego attachment. Part of not having any attachment to the results is to keep your ego out of the picture. I didn’t need to know whether this person was healed or not,” my friend told me. “I wasn’t looking for any kind of affirmation of any gift or power on my part. I just felt led to ask her if I could pray for her and touch her; I prayed, and then left it in God’s hands.”

  • Faith. Knowing that God is the Healer, and you are just an instrument in the moment, can also release healing power—and free you from that ego attachment.

If it’s not you who is really doing the healing, then you have no responsibility for the results. Your only responsibility is to be available for God to work through you, as he leads. And then to leave the results in his hands.

Faith also helps the doubt that can so easily creep in. “What if I pray and nothing happens?” You might feel like a fool. You might worry you led someone toward false hope.

Again, it’s not up to you. You don’t know what God is doing in that person’s heart or body. Your job is to simply be available.

The joy that Mary and others feel (I’ve felt it too) is a great sign that your ego is not attached. As Mary says, you can’t manufacture it. However, I find when I focus on my faith that God will do something through my prayer and Codes, even if I never know what, the joy wells up.

  • Compassion. Dr. Mark Virkler points out that in the Gospels, when Jesus healed He was moved by compassion (e.g., Mark 1:41-42). Compassion for another person speeds the flow of healing, and is THE main energy to be in. Not fear, not even hope, but compassion—a focus on the need of the other person.

By the way, the above applies to the best energy for healing yourself, too.

If you can detach from the results, trusting God for the outcome, and apply self-compassion, you will heal faster as well.

Don’t Do This

The main energy NOT to be in is control. If you are trying to change another person, I need to warn you: Not only will the person you’re doing a Code for NOT be healed or blessed, but it can do great damage–to you and, perhaps, to the other person.

If you desire to do a Healing Code for someone else, honestly check your own motives. If there’s any hint of desperation on your part for them to heal, or desire to change them, do not do a Healing Code for the other person.

Instead, do the Healing Code for yourself, on your own desperation, control issues, or whatever is going on in that relationship. After doing your own Healing Code, you may certainly release the healing to the other person, saying, “I release the effects of this healing to [name], in love, insofar as this issue affects him/her.”

That is the best, most effective, and safest way to do a Healing Code for someone else when you can’t do it out of pure motives.

I hope this helps you become a healing agent on earth for others, if you feel so led.

Emphasis on being led. If you’re still too deep in your own pain and healing to think of others, that’s OK. Often a client will come to me to get a Healing Code for someone else, but it’s clear to me that they need some healing under their own belt first. Such people often find it difficult to focus on themselves first, and that’s one of the issues they need to attend to first.

If this is you, I hereby give you permission to focus on your own healing first, and simply release your healing to others you’re close to “insofar as this issue affects them.” You will still be an agent of healing. In fact, you’ll be a more effective agent of healing if you focus on your own healing first, because, again, your “need” to put others first could actually impede the flow of healing for them.

Be healed, and pass it on, however you are led! Let joy be your guide.

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