Past Lives–or Generational Memories?


Sometimes a client will mention that they had a past life memory, or some psychic discovered thus and such about a past life.

This used to puzzle me, because I believe we only get one life to live on this earth.  Yet, it was clear they were remembering something.

When I learned about how memories can be passed down the generations in the DNA, it all began to make sense. Researchers are now cautiously admitting that such generational memories do exist. For instance, in one experiment, mice were given a shock in the presence of cherry blossoms. The researchers measured the stress responses in the mice. The next two generations of mice would show stress responses in the presence of cherry blossoms even without any shock being administered.

Traumas in one generation can get passed down to subsequent generations, it seems.

(As a side note: Researchers are stumped by the mechanism that carries such memories. I think if they understood energy, they would not be stumped at all. If the carrier is really what I think of as the “energy information pattern in the DNA,” that could explain everything. Energy can easily move through the blood-brain barrier, for instance.)

On a personal note concerning generational memories, something strange and frightening came up for me when I first started training as a Healing Codes practitioner. A “memory” came up of being abused, yet it didn’t feel like my own memory. Some psychologists might say that it was a repressed memory of my own.

Possibly. But that didn’t fit the memory or my life. A much more believable explanation was that this was a generational memory.

This was later substantiated when I discovered that one of my ancestors had, in fact, been abused in such a way. It was quite likely that this was a generational memory.

The good news was, I healed it with The Healing Codes and released the healing to my relative. I believe we were both healed of that memory.

CC BY-NC-ND by IndianaDunesNPS

One of the most interesting examples comes from a client I worked with. Every spring she would get very depressed. There was something else that puzzled her greatly: she had this “thing” about seeing turtles on the road. Her reaction of sadness and fear was irrational and unexplainable.

Until . . . until my testing uncovered a generational memory from her grandfather. What she knew (and I didn’t, when I tested), was that her grandfather had gone into a depression (from which he never recovered) after his 3-year-old son died. My client’s sister did a little investigation, and came up with a newspaper microfiche report of the death. Apparently the little boy had fallen into a well. It seemed that he had found a turtle on the road, had picked it up, and in trying to put the turtle into the well on the property, he fell in and drowned. The tragedy happened in the spring.

My client hadn’t known about that whole story before we found that generational memory. Now it all made sense: her reaction to turtles on the road, the depression that came every spring. We got a custom Healing Code for that memory and the depression did not return, nor did she panic when she saw a turtle on the road.

Generational memories or other hidden memories can be powerful and they can keep us stuck. If you feel stuck, try adding to your prayer of intention, “and from any generational memories,” and see if that helps. If you can’t find any known memory associated with what’s bothering you, it may be because of a generational memory. Some clients seem to have many.

Other types of hidden but foundational memories can also keep you stuck. Add those possible causes to your prayer of intention (e.g., in utero/womb memory; birth trauma). 

Yet another cause for not finding memories and for not progressing in your healing could be Childhood Emotional Neglect. If that’s the case, it’s less a matter of healing memories as of healing the results of not getting enough emotional support as you were growing up. 

If you try these suggestions and are not progressing, I suggest you get a custom code so I can test for hidden memories and true causes.


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