Prayer and The Healing Codes


People sometimes ask me, “Do I have to believe in God to benefit from The Healing Codes?

Or, “How does prayer relate to The Healing Codes?

My answer to the first question: No, you don’t have to believe in God to benefit from The Healing Codes. The Healing Codes work (as far as we can tell), by neutralizing the negative frequency (stress) of the unhealed negative images and wrong beliefs stored in the information energy pattern in the cells (cellular memory). At least, that’s my theory of how it works. All we know from the results is that it removes stress from the autonomic nervous system so that the body can heal itself. (Go here if you’d like to see results from my own Heart Rate Variability tests.)

This is what The Healing Codes does for anyone, regardless of beliefs.

Having said that, however,

I have found that belief in God makes a difference. It only makes sense: If there is a God, who is by definition the Source of Life, then connecting with that Source can only bring more life.

I have seen, for myself, my family members, and my clients, that when you heal heart issues, you naturally become more open to God. It’s we who get in the way of God blessing us.

I believe God is always flowing Life down to us. We are the ones that block the flow, through these things called “heart issues” that The Healing Codes heal.

Perhaps that’s why it seems like The Healing Codes “put prayer on steroids.” It’s not that the prayer doesn’t work without The Healing Codes. It’s that our access to the power of God gets unblocked when the heart issues are healed.

I, along with Dr. Alex Loyd, always advocate prayer, first and foremost. But if there doesn’t seem to be much power to your prayer, use The Healing Codes to heal the heart issues that get in the way of the flow.

Then when you’re more securely connected to God, you will be able to receive more from him, including fuller healing.

Notice I said “fuller.” I think God desires true wholeness, not just the healing we think we want/need. Full-orbed healing means becoming more like God himself. That often involves things we wouldn’t choose for ourselves.

How many times have you heard someone say, “I never would have chosen X, but now that I’ve been through it, I woudln’t have missed it”? That’s the sort of thing God is after when he allows pain into our lives.

So The Healing Codes help us get out of God’s way, so we can receive more of Him. Then prayer becomes more and more meaningful and effective.

In my Healing Codes coaching, I always offer clients the option to include prayer in the session. Almost everyone says yes. For many, it is the most powerful part of the session.

Understanding how crucial healing heart issues is has changed my prayer life immensely. That is what I pray for now, for people. Not so much, “God, heal their cancer,” but, “God, heal the source of what caused the cancer, enlarge their heart, so they can know you better and receive your Life that is eternal.” The Life that is love, joy, and peace … shalom, the well-being of the whole person.

If you’re interested in knowing more about the the philosophy and spiritual underpinnings of The Healing Codes, go here: http://www.thehealingcodeinfo.com/philosophy.html.

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facebook_Roula Safi.10153852018056323

Dear Diane, ( i am republishing this post on this page. i have placed it an hour ago in antoher discussion forum but found that this one relates more to my inquiry. sorry for the redundancy) i am recommending the healing codes for a friend of mine whose 12 year old son has been recently diagnosed with diabetes type 1. Needless to say that the diagnosis has changed the life of the whole family who's been totally devastated especially that the doctor said that there is no treatment for this case but a lifetime maintenance technique that necessitates 6 to 8… Read more »

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