Prayer for Vincent’s Tumor


Vincent was 8 years old when he was diagnosed with a tumor on his brain stem. His grandmother, Diane, contacted me for a custom Healing Code for him on Saturday, July 16, 2011.

I told my subscribers about Vincent and there was a wonderful ground swell of support for him–people responding they they are praying and even doing a Healing Code on his behalf. (Bless you all!)

I’m happy to report that as of 7/19/11, there is good news. Further testing leads the doctors to believe the tumor is benign, as there seem to be no issues with Vincent’s spinal cord. Because of the location of the tumor, surgeons are loathe to operate. They believe that steroids can reduce the swelling and a shunt can keep any fluid from building up. Vincent went home on Monday, 7/18/11.

So let’s keep praying for Vincent and, if you’re so inclined, do The Healing Code for him. (Here’s an article on how to do a Healing Code on behalf of another person. Dr. Loyd says that when you do a Code for someone else, you benefit at least as much as they do, probably more.) Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the tumor shrank to nothing?

I’ll add updates to the blog. If you want to get these updates and other blog posts, subscribe in the upper right-hand corner, please.

If you’d like to comment, you may also do that.

I will post only his latest Code, but keep the updates as is so you can track the progress.

Update, 7/27/11: The doctors did another MRI on 7/24, and the neurosurgeon was astonished. The tumor had shrunk noticeably. The doctor said, “I’ve never seen this kind of tumor respond like this to steroids.” His conclusion is that “it must not be that kind of tumor.”

(Perhaps there is another explanation? Such as that prayer and the Healing Codes are working?)

The doctors have decided to give it three more weeks, then do another MRI before doing any surgery.

So let’s keep praying and doing Codes for Vinny. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the next MRI shows “no tumor”?

Update, 8/2/11 Vincent’s latest custom code is: Left hand – Bridge, right hand – Temple; both hands – Jaws; left hand Temple, right hand Bridge; both hands Adam’s apple; left hand Jaw, right hand – Adam’s apple. 10 minutes, 3x/day, good through 8/10. (Even if you do it once, that would be great.)

Update, 8/10/11: Another MRI will be done tomorrow (Thurs., 8/11). Please pray for good results.

Update, 8/26/11: Vinny’s MRI on the 22nd revealed his tumor was bigger than the last MRI, but not as big as the first one. The specialist, one of the best children’s neurologist in the country, is puzzled because the tumor “is not behaving like any stem glioma he has seen in the past.” There will be another MRI on 8/29 to see what’s going on.

Vinny’s main symptoms are side effects of the steroids (huge appetite, weight gain, fatigue). They keep cutting down on the steroids.

Please keep praying and if you want, doing Vinny’s Code. His current on is: Both hands Adams apple; Left Jaw, Right Temple; Both hands Bridge; Left Jaw, Right Adams apple; Both Temples. 10 minutes, 2x/day. Good until 9/7.

Vinny’s mother, Laura, and grandmother, Diane, want to express their deep gratitude for all your kindness in praying and doing Codes for Vinny. Laura said, “These people have troubles of their own, yet they’re still wanting to help Vinny.” Your kindness moves her to tears.

Update, 8/30/11: Vinny had an MRI yesterday that showed the tumor had grown in size. Doctors are not sure what kind of tumor it is. Today he underwent a surgical procedure to drain the fluid, as well as a biopsy.

Update, 9/8/11: Have been trying to get in touch with the family, no answer, so somewhat concerned.

9/13/11 Update on Vinny:: He had a consultation on 9/9 with doctors, who said that the tumor is benign (thank God!).

However, it can still grow and cause problems because of the location. Last week he had a ventriculostomy (I think that’s what it’s called), where they drilled holes into the ventricle so that any fluid that accumulates can flow through the holes into the ventricles and be absorbed by the body.

Vinny has started on chemotherapy. For the first 10 weeks, it will be 1 time per week, for 4 hours each time. Then he’ll go for 2 weeks with no chemo,then on a maintenance once per week for 4 weeks, and finally, a 2-week rest period. This will make up one cycle. There will be 8 cycles in all, 420 days, 48 weeks.

Doctors will keep on doing blood work the whole time. As you can imagine, Vinny feels some fear. Let’s keep praying that whatever issues have caused the tumor will be healed, that his immune system would stay strong throughout the treatments, for wisdom for the doctors, peace for Vinny and his family. God bless you all for caring!

The family continues to express their gratitude to everyone who is praying and doing Codes for Vinny. To keep updated, visit this page regularly and subscribe to the comments.

9/20/11 Update on Vinny:  The last Code seemed to be helping his walking and the symptoms that came up from his treatments, thank God. (Please remember to include in the prayer, along with his tumor, “all negative effects of his treatments.”) Vinny has been going to school and is losing a little weight (gained a lot from the steroids).

On 9/21 he will see the doctor for his regular appointment. On 9/22 he has another chemo treatment. People have asked (and family asked this too), why if his tumor is benign he needs chemotherapy? Answer: they believe it will shrink the tumor.

FYI: Someone passed on this link to a video that you might find interesting. Truthfully, I have not had the time to watch it yet, so I won’t offer any opinion. I’m posting it simply because it might help someone else who may need it right now: http://youtu.be/H0ibsoqjPac.

9/28/11 update on Vinny + new code: Vinny is doing ok, doesn’t seem to be feeling negative effects of the chemotherapy (thank God!).

Update, 10/4: Vinny has been going to school most days, except for when he has to take chemotherapy. He’s starting occupational therapy (for fine motor skills, which he’s having trouble with) and physical therapy for his muscles and legs. Doctors have upped his steroids a bit. Please continue to pray and address in the Code any negative effects of treatments to be healed, as well as the tumor itself. Here’s his latest Code:

Update, 10/14: I spoke with both Vinny’s mother, Laura, and her grandmother, Diane, on 10/14. Vinny is doing well. Laura wrote, ” Vinny is doing very well.  They are lowering the steroids slowly and should be off of them in a couple of weeks, and physical therapy is doing wonders(or the codes of course!).  He is on his 5th week of chemo and so far no side effects at all!  Thanks to all who are doing the codes and to you.’

Update, 10/21/11: Vinny continues to do very well. He’s walking better than he did several weeks ago, his hand coordination is good, his latest blood count is “perfect.”

He continues to have the 20-minute chemo treatments, but no apparent side effects at all! He is “more like his normal self” and his headaches are gone.

The doctors have no further treatment plan until he finishes the chemo and they do another MRI.

Update, 10/28/11:  Vinny continues to do very well. His blood profiles remain “perfect,” he’s walking well, eating well, and there are NO side effects of the chemotherapy. He still has all his hair, no nausea, or any other negative effects. Praise God! And thanks to all of you who pray and do his Healing Codes.

His grandmother, Diane, told me that the difference between Vinny in July, when they found the tumor, and now is “amazing.”

The doctors have no further treatment plan until he finishes the chemo and they do another MRI in early December.

Someone asked how to pray for Vinny before doing his Healing Code. Here’s what I suggest:

“”I pray that all known and unknown negative images, unhealthy beliefs, and destructive cellular memories, and any generational memories and all resulting physical issues, related to Vinny’s tumor and all negative effects of his treatment, would be found, opened, and healed by filling Vinny with the love, life and light of God as I do this Healing Code. I also pray that the effects of this healing be multiplied by 100 times or more.”

After you do the Code for Vinny, say, “I release the full effects of this healing to Vinny, in love.”

Update, 11/5: Vinny’s blood counts were down–one down to normal that was high.  He had his latest chemo the other day. He’s off the steroids, so appetite is normal. He is starting to tire from the treatments and all the extra appointments, plus the regular schedule with school and family activities. I uncovered two generational memories, so please add “and generational” after “cellular” (so it reads, “… and cellular and generational memories, be found, opened and healed …”).

Update 11/15: Vinny had stomach problems over the weekend due to the antibiotics. (Please make sure you include in the prayer, “…and any negative effects of his treatments.” There is also a generational memory and an in utero memory to heal this time.) He is off of steroids and will this week start on his last round of chemotherapy before they take another MRI in early December.

Vinny update 11/28/11: Vinny is doing well, but please do pray: On 12/1 he will have his first MRI since his chemo treatments. He had a blood transfusion two weeks ago because the chemo got his blood counts down. He tastes the chemo, which affects his appetite a bit.

Please also add “and generational memory” in the prayer of intention.

Update, 12/2: Vinny’s MRI showed that the tumor has shrunk some; doctors didn’t say how much. But that is very good news, and his grandmother reports that he is acting normally, like he was before the tumor symptoms appeared and the tumor was discovered. With this kind of tumor there are apparently cysts as well, so please pray that these cysts will go away as well as the tumor shrinking to nothing. He will continue chemotherapy for 4 weeks with a 2-week rest period after that.Thank you for praying and doing his Codes. Please continue, with this encouragement.

Update 12/12: The word from the doctors who viewed the latest MRI results is that the tumor is definitely smaller! They didn’t even need to measure–it was noticeably smaller. Keep up your praying and coding!

Update, 12/28: Vinny is able to do more of his normal activities, even recess at school. He lost all his hair from the chemo. Still has a couple more chemo treatments to go for this round. Docs keeping an eye on his blood counts.

Update, 1/9/12: Vinny is off chemotherapy until 1/25. He is doing great! Able to be very active again, and loves his sports. Getting his eyes checked today for possible vision issues (effects of steroids?). Shows more confidence too, now that his balance is back. Overall, doing great! Family under a bit less stress, too. They are all very grateful to all of you for your prayers and coding for Vinny. Keep it up! We want to see this tumor disappear completely. Here’s his Code, and you may include the whole family on this one (please do; just add, “and any heart issues from other family members that may be contributing to Vinny’s issue”)

Update, 1/23/12:  Vinny continues to do very well, with no side effects from the chemo besides baldness. His ophthalmologist noted a bit of slowness in his vision, so you can add “vision issues” to the prayer, but the doctor is not concerned. He does start another round of chemotherapy on 1/25, so please continue to pray for no negative side effects from his treatment. Also again you may include the family in this code.

Update, 2/6/12: Vinny continues to do very well. He had a blood transfusion last week because of a slight fever, but everything seems to be going well and he’s living a normal boy life. Thanks and praise to God! And thanks to all who are praying/doing Codes. Please include the whole family in on this new Code as well, and also any negative effects of past or present treatments.

Update, 3/12/12: Vinny had his MRI last week and it showed that the tumor has shrunk ever more! Very noticeable, said the doctors. They are very pleased. The cysts still remain but are not of much concern. Vinny will continue on some chemotherapy, so please continue to pray he will only experience good and no side effects from it.  He is doing well. This Healing Code is for Vinny and the whole family, for “any issues that are contributing to the stress and the tumor in Vinny’s body.”

Update, 3/20: Vinny is doing pretty well, though his platelets were down last week so he did not get his chemo treatment yet. We are continuing to include the whole family in the Code. Everyone in a family is so connected to each other, so why not heal everyone? Use this code to address stresses in the family (which run the gamut, as you can imagine).

Update, 4/3/12: Vinny’s blood counts went back up, so chemo is scheduled for 4/5. Please pray about the possible suppression of making new bone marrow and of his immune system due to the two drugs he’d been given.

Update, 5/2:  Vinny took the third chemo treatment last week, will take a break for a bit now. Next MRI will be in June. We are praying the tumor will be gone by then. Please keep the whole family in prayer and include them in the prayer of intention, along with a generational memory from Vinny’s mom.

Update, 5/14: Vinny continues to do well, but the whole family could use prayer as various stresses surface. Please do this Code not only for Vinny, but for his whole family as well. God knows all the details, we just need to send loving energy in faith to the Source of all healing as we do this latest custom Healing Code.

Update, 5/29: Vinny’s MRI is coming up in a couple of weeks. He seems well, but the family is really under stress. So this custom Healing Code continues to be for the whole family. This Code focuses on fear, and there is a generational memory, from a male relative on his mother’s side, 5 generations back. So in the prayer of intention, you can say, “… and cellular and generational memories, especially from his male relative on his mother’s side from 5 generations back, and all resulting physical issues, especially Vinny’s brain tumor, related to the fear that is causing stress in Vinny’s whole family, would be found, opened and healed …” etc.

Update, 6/11/12: Vinny had another chemo treatment last Thursday, and an MRI today. (Haven’t heard on that yet.) Please continue to keep the whole family in your prayers. Vinny’s mom, Laura, asked me to make sure I thank everyone for your prayers, Coding, and support. Here’s Vinny’s latest Code:

  • left temple, right jaw
  • left bridge, right temple
  • both hands Adam’s apple
  • both hands jaws
  • both hands temples
  • 5-10 minutes, 3-6x/day; Q Codes, 8-11x/ day (best option: follow with 2 regular Healing Code way, for 5 minutes, 1-2x/day)
  • good until 6/25

Update, 6/18/12: More GREAT news: Vinny’s latest MRI showed that the benign tumor has diminished considerably! The doctors can see all of it on the MRI now (before, they could only see the top I guess). The doctors are very happy, and believe it’s due to the chemo, of course. However, we believe while that may be a factor, it’s really prayer and The Healing Codes–so many people praying and doing Vinny’s Codes for him–that are the true factors. One reason I believe this is the fact that Vinny has had no side effects from a drug that is very toxic. It’s possible that Vinny is being healed despite the chemotherapy. 

So let’s rejoice, whatever is working, and keep up our efforts to help Vinny heal completely through prayer and Healing Codes. He will have 3 weeks off of the chemo, starting this week, before he starts the next round. Pray that only positive effects from the chemo would be operant and nothing negative, and that his body would be fully able to destroy that tumor. Pray that everything in his (and his family’s) body, mind, soul and spirit would be restored to God’s original design.

If you’ve been praying and/or doing Vinny’s Code, please accept the family’s deep and heartfelt gratitude. They are blown away by the fact that people from all around the world are doing this for them. And do include the whole family in on the Code.

Update, 6/25/12: This custom code is for Vinny’s whole family, for anxiety over financial issues. Remember, family stress can contribute to all kinds of issues, including physical issues like Vinny’s tumor. We want to “empty the stress barrel” as Dr. Doris Rapp would say.

Update, 7/9: This Healing Code is for unhealthy beliefs in all family members, and includes a couple of generational memories. Prayer: “I pray that You would find, open, and heal all negative images, beliefs, and cellular and generational memories, and all resulting physical issues (especially Vinny’s tumor), related to the unhealthy beliefs of everyone in Vinny’s family, by filling each person with the love, life and light of God. I also pray that you would maximize the effectiveness of this healing for each person’s highest good, at an optimal pace, and restore everything to your original design. Thank you, God.”

Update, 7/23: Good news: Vinny’s bone marrow biopsy from last week showed that his body’s working correctly.They also tested for a genetic connection; there is none. The platelet suppression is solely due to the chemotherapy. (Why am I not surprised?)

This Code is again for the whole family, and there is a generational memory from Vinny’s maternal great-grandmother, and it is for feeling trapped, and in the wrong place (as in the tumor, I wonder?).

Update, 7/30: This again is for the whole family.  The code addresses any disharmony going on, physically, emotionally, spiritually, relationally. (Vinny is doing well, but it’s possible a child will manifest physically what is going on in the family on an emotional/spiritual level.)

Update, 8/15: It’s been just about a year of doing Codes for Vinny. He is doing well! Another MRI is scheduled for September. Now we are dealing with new generational issues that have surfaced, which affect the whole family. Suggested prayer of intention: “I pray that you (God) would find, open and heal all the negative images, beliefs, cellular and generational memories, and all resulting physical issues, especially Vinny’s tumor, related to the fear and control issues in Vinny and his whole family [from the generational memories from Vinny’s maternal grandmother, maternal grandfather, and his parents], by filling Vinny and each family member with Your love, life, and light. I also pray you would magnify the effectiveness of this healing to the maximum level for each person’s highest good, at an optimal pace, and restore everything to Your original design. Thank you, God.” When finished, release it to Vinny and his whole family, in love.

Update, 9/27 Vinny will start another round of chemo treatments on 9/20, so please make sure you include “any negative effects of the treatments” to your prayers. Also, his two good neighborhood friends moved away recently. He does have other buddies, but this can be difficult for a child. And his grandmother will also be gone for several weeks as of that same week. The issue is anxiety, and again, please include the whole family and the generational memory from his mother in this Code’s prayer of intention. (See above for suggested pattern. The underlined and bracketed parts are the vairables, where you plug in the different issues and memories.)

Update, 9/25/12: Vinny’s chemo treatments have restarted. He has 11 more to go. They always test his blood counts before they go ahead with the treatments. The whole family is doing somewhat better. The Code continues to focus on family issues, as they so affect the children. This Healing Code focuses on any love issues: unforgiveness, anger, resentment etc. that might undermine love and truth being lived out.

Update, 11/26/12 Vinny’s chemo treatments have restarted. He feels a little nauseated at first, but medications help that. The issue to focus on is unforgiveness, and please include the whole family.

Update, 12/10/12: Vinny has 4 more chemo treatments. Please use the following prayer for this and future Codes for him. (You might also want to use this prayer of intention for yourself or other people. It’s especially helpful if you don’t know what the issue is.) “Dear God, I pray that you would find, open and heal the sources of any disease or dysfunction in Vinny’s mind, body, soul and spirit, from anything he has experienced, imagine, witnessed, dreamed, or absorbed. Please replace all negative images, beliefs, cellular or generational memories, harmful actions and all resulting physical issues with the love, life, and light of your presence. I also pray that you would magnify the effectiveness of this healing to the maximum level for Vinny’s highest good, at an optimal pace, and restore everything to your intended design. Thank you, God, for your willingness and ability to do these things.” Then release it to Vinny in love and truth.

AFTER TREATMENT UPDATE, 2/25/13: Vinny finished his final chemotherapy treatments, medical exam, and his last MRI two weeks ago. The results thrilled the doctors. The tumor was hardly distinguishable, the cysts were gone, and the ventricle somehow opened up and was normal! (There was a shunt put in because the ventricle had closed up.) Vinny’s grandmother overheard a nurse say they’d never seen this kind of results with their treatments before. Vinny is finally able to take his leg braces off. This now 10-year-old boy can go back to living a normal, healthy life.

We believe this miracle is due to so many faithful people praying and doing Vinny’s Healing Codes for the past 19 months. All healing flows from God, but he does it through prayer, and The Healing Codes seem to put prayer on steroids!

The family wishes to thank everyone who participated in Vinny’s healing from the bottom of their hearts. They will continue to use Healing Codes to keep Vinny healthy and prevent any long-term side effects from the chemotherapy.

UPDATE, 5/20/13 “Doctor Amazed!” Vinny had another MRI last week with his neurosurgeon, who was amazed at what he saw. I’d like to let Diane, Vinny’s grandmother who has been getting and doing Vinny’s Healing Codes all this time, tell it in her own words. Just click here to play the audio.

This is such an encouragement to all who are doing Healing Codes, especially if you’re dong them for other people. It’s also a testimonial to the power of combined intention, as I wrote about elsewhere.

Diane wanted to add that all through Vinny’s treatments, there was steady progress. He missed very few days of school, had few side effects throughout. Diane’s final words to everyone: “Never give up!”

Update, August, 2013: Vinny’s recent MRI, done in July, still shows no sign of the tumor, and the cysts that developed are even smaller than at the last MRI. The ventricles are all open. And, most astonishing to the doctors (who said this has never happened before), all the brain tissue moved back into the space formerly occupied by the tumor and cysts!

A big THANK YOU again to all who have followed Vinny’s story and participated in this wonderful miracle.

Upddate, November 18, 2013 Another MRI shows no sign of any tumor or cysts. All is completely normal. Praise God and thank him for both prayer and The Healing Codes! (And for faithful people like Vinny’s family and all who contributed to this healing by doing Codes for him.)

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I’m really enjoying the theme/design of your website.

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my site not working correctly in Explorer but looks great in Opera.
Do you have any ideas to help fix this issue?

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Mary Cockerham

We have been doing the Codes for Vinny since the very beginning, and sincerely believe (know that God) is providing the Healing Codes for Vinny.
Once again, we will shall never be able to thank God through Alex enough for this wonderful news, and your Healing as well.
Bless Vinny and his family.
Thank you Diane for being such a wonderful link in this chain of Miracles.
We shall continue to pray for Vinny, and wonderful news for your Healings, this is wonderful news for us all.

[…] The full story is here. […]

Fulvia Papiro

Dear Diane,my name is fulvia and I am writing from Palermo(Italy).I suffer from fybromyalgic syndrom,I Have a lot of aches all over the body and terrible headaches 24 hours a day; so I know what suffrance means. When I read the story of Vinny, i began to cry because my issues seemt to me only illnessess.I began to pray for,,  Vinny and his family every day,after each session of the Healing code  I make  for myself. Could God heals all his griefs and give him peace,hope for the future , strenght ,courage and he must never,never give up,because God and all the people… Read more »

Sue Bromage

Dear Diane, I am willing to send Vinny heartbased healing if that would be agreeable very best wishes, Sue

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Dear Diane
Thank you for the update and I will continue to pray for Vinny.  I believe that healing has already taken place in Vinny's body.  Praise God for his healing power.
Thank you


Madam Diane,
how is Vincent,how is he walking and talking?
is the codes same and to be continued or you are giving new codes for Vinny?
thank you
yours sincerely
bengalooru,karnataka state 

Donald Fyfe-Wilson

I notice from all the above that the healing codes change; I didn't realize that these modifications are personalized. I have been using the pattern of the universal code, which I thought was the code. Could you please refer me to info on the personalized codes. Am what I am doing have any effects?
Thanks, Donald

Chin-Jung Chen

dear Diane:
would you please to give a  prayer's sample
according to Vincent 's    current  condition
for our reference !
thanks You !

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I continue to pray and do a code for Vinny.  Praying that the tumor will shrink to nothing, healed.


I do wish that Vinny gets well. However, I wish I knew how to use his code to pray for him as I believe in the code.


I continue to pray for little Vincent every day, thanking God for the perfect restoration of his health.  I visualize the tumor shrinking and shrinking until there's nothing left but light!


My friend and I shall continue to pray for Vincent.
GOD BLESS Vincent and his family.
Thank you GOD, Alex and Diane for the Healing Codes.


Diane, This is the link you can use to submit a prayer request. The page that came up had the link where I could click and hear a calming affirmation.  I have used Silent Unity successfully for prayer for years.  http://unity.org/prayer
All the best to Vincent and his family and the doctors helping them. Sherry

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