Q Codes: Quick, Powerful Way to Do Healing Codes



The Q Codes were a product that Alex Loyd offered for years on his website. As far as I can tell, they are no longer available. I am keeping this post up so that I can explain this, and offer an alternative.

The Q Codes were a quicker way to do a Healing Code, which to my view made it easier to also do Healing Codes for others. (See my article on doing Healing Codes by proxy.)

In my program, Align with Your Divine Design(TM), I offer a whole new way of doing a Healing Code quickly, that also incorporates ways to retrain the nervous system. If you’re interested in that program, check it out. It’s quite an extensive program that goes beyond healing to create transformation.

Do you do Healing Codes for other people? Would you like a quicker, more powerful way to do The Healing Code?

I’m happy to announce that there is a quicker and also more powerful way to do any Healing Code (the universal Code from the book, a custom Healing Code, or one of the 24 Healing Codes from the Manual). It’s called the Q Codes, and it only takes a 1-2 minutes to do!

Q Codes are not only quicker, but many people find it a more powerful way to do a Healing Code. In fact, Dr. Loyd discovered it when he was praying for a way to help the clients who were not experiencing the breakthroughs they had hoped for. He says, “I started praying for a solution for them. I prayed for months, and one day while praying in my back yard by the creek, the answer came–and The Q Codes were born.”

The Q Codes add a power element to the frequency of a Healing Code. Again, it’s a different way of doing a Healing Code. You still need some kind of Healing Code to use it with.

There are 3 different versions of the Q Codes (all included in the Manual). Two are what I think of as the “energized” versions and the third way is the “peaceful” version. I do the former in the day, the latter at night.

I use the Q Codes all the time, almost always when I do Healing Codes for other people. It allows me to extend the healing to many more people than I’d ever have time for using the regular Healing Code.

It also allows you to deal with more issues in your own life, faster and more powerfully.

The Q Codes Manual is available in digital format, which means it’s much more affordable. AND you get it right away!Ā  Contact me if you have any questions, or just get the Q Codes Manual here.

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Hi Diane,
The link for q codes Manual does not work, and I don’t find it in the store,
it seems they don’t sell it any more. Does this mean that the Q codes are not useful any more, now ?
Thanks for your response.


Hi Diane, i am waiting an answer to my question. In fact, i am interested to q codes, but i should like to know it is possible to have it in Italian or at least to read, because it is difficult for me to understand any video. it’s possible to have an answer? God Bless You. Annalisa


Thank you, I ‘ll buy it however as soon as possible.
God bless you


It may be a stupid question, but I ask also where I can find the block breaker and booster codes?.Thank you


Is it possible to get the Q Codes digital in spanish?


Dear Diane, Thank you. Do I get the same thing if I order the Q codes with you or on Dr. Alex Loyd's website? Are the Q2 codes  included in the 97$?




Dear Diane I try to include my whole family, but I don't have so much time, so I'm thinking about getting the Q codes. It is a lot of money for me, so I need to be sure about it. I don't really understand, how I would do it. Is it additional to the normal version? I did the 12 days, then the complete method (3 day set) and now I would go back to the 12 days. So would I do the normal codes of the 12 days and additional Q codes? What about the universal code? (I heard… Read more »



just out of curiosity, did the gluten intolerance ever heal? If not, what do you make of that? 


Hi Diane,

talking about the Q codes.. Do you add something else besides the breathing?


Dear Diane,  I have a question in regards to doing the Q Codes. I live with a lot of people and I am not comfortable to do the power breathing since a lot of people can hear it and it sounds strange. But I am not confident in doind the Q codes without the power breathing. Is there an alternative (for example, breathing slower, instead of rapid deep breaths). In addition, I used to do them every day but right now I just can't pick on issue to work with and I just don't do them, because "I can't find… Read more »


Hi there, do you know of a Healing Code Coach in Toronto Canada that we can reach for a personal appointment?


Jo Ann Matejczyk

Dianne, I'd like to understand the Q Codes better.  I do the codes for my adult children and it's time-consuming and I need to choose which one of them to do the codes for each time I do them so if there's a way to combine them I'd like to know more about that.


Hi Diane,

Just wondered if I could clarify something about the Q codes? When it says to focus on the problem issue is that the physical issue that you are having problems with or the memory or feeling that is related to the physical issue? 


So stuck that I've never used the Q Code or Success Code products. Hopefully, answers can make it seem doable and clearer. Thank you for any direction. 1. Q Codes manual says they're not to be used without a SC or HC. So why does the Q Codes manual also say to first start with the 12 Days then go to the biggest issue using the Q Codes? Can we NOT use the Q Codes with the first 12 Days of Success Codes? Then when we “can” use the Q Codes, is it possible to recyle through the SC 12… Read more »


Hi Diane, I've been doing the healing codes for a little over a week now. Is it normal for emotional issues to become even more overwhelming when practicing the codes before they are healed/ cleared? 


Great, thank you Diane. Keep up the great work. Blessings.


Hi there, I am wondering if you have used the Truth Technique?  I'm wondering what you think of it & what it can be used for as I'm a little confused. thanks

Nelson Levine

Diane, to be honest I am a little sickened by all of the money making attempts being made by you and Alex Loyd. Dr. loyd who never seems to have enough time in any of his lectures to actually explain how to do the codes, because it would need all kinds of visuals and lots more time then allowed, so of course one has to buy his course to get that information. You showed how to do the codes on one of the Youtube videos but leave off plenty of details so one has to order your coaching and special personalized prayers… Read more »


I totally agree with Nelson. I have been sick for over a year and was hoping with everything I had that the healing codes book would in some manner help. I then found scant information on how to actually do the code….unless i bought more codes,.packages, etc. Now Alex Loyd has a new book about beyond will power that is THE answer. I hope there’s an answer for how much can people be conned. I have huge amounts of medical bills and do not have the money for additional anything. Thank God I checked the codes book out from the… Read more »


Nelson, I definitely understand your viewpoint. I just had to say that the crucial Healing Codes information is all over the internet for free. The book alone is enough to make remarkable progress. You may be able to rent it from your local library for free. I think the Kindle dowload is around ten dollars US. If you don't want to get the book, fill out the free heart codes questionnaire ( an online test at the HC website), and work on your lowest scores/issues. I admit, the process seems odd, but after searching for this type of information for… Read more »



Could you please tell me what to do when  I follow 12 days program and then let's say after 4th day I miss one or two days. Should I start from the beginning or just follow with day that follows last one before break?

Best Regards



Hi there, is it still necessary to do the Q codes 2-6 times a day like the Healing codes or is once daily for each code considered enough for the Q Codes?



I've recently purchased the Q codes and I am having some results with my anxiety. I noticed that I can tune in the negative feeling better when Im with my eyes open. Although its recommended that you close your eyes while doing the Q Codes. Is it a problem, if its working for me, to do it with my eyes open? Also, I get very dizzy while breathing. How powerful should I breath?



I've been doing the success codes along with the Q codes. Recently, I've gotten the shakes. It's an internal feeling, and not visible to the naked eye. This feeling comes and goes throughout the day.  One qi gong expert said that this is generating negative qi, and that it's very dangerous. However, I suspect that it might be a healing response. How common is shaking? Have you heard of others having this reaction.



Thanks Diane for your kind response. When I did this originally in January, the same thing happened. Except then, I stopped for months. I've only recently started back up, (dealing with the same goal). So yeah, what you say really does resonate with me. Once again thanks for your kind response. I will precede slower, and hopefully this will pass too!

Wasa P.S. I'm using the Q codes in conjunction with the success codes.

P.S 2, Just writing about the shaking is causing me to shake internally again.



where to find the information about Q Codes ?



Laurence Jacquet

Hi, Diane. I just bought the book which has finally been translated in French and am finishing the reading but I ask myself one question : is there a specific Healing Code (from the package) that would help me heal an auto-immune (self-immune ???) disease called "systemic acute lupus erythematosus". Because I understood the Healing Codes help the immunity system to get stronger after releasing stress and healing the cellular memories, which allows the body to increase energy that is then used for "reparing" and healing whatever needs to be healed… But my immunity system works the wrong way round and… Read more »


Hello Laurence. I use the codes myself but also work with Mir and NLP. One thing they all have in common is that they work with the unconscience mind. Reading your question: I think it is best that, when you do not know a specific memory at which your problem started, just start with the feeling/emotion that your problem brings with it. What do you feel? Anger, sadness, loss? Work with that emotion. I may be that, while you are doing the code, an idea or memory or other emotion comes up. Then start working with that. Going on like this will bring… Read more »


dear diane
my quastion is here that
dr.alex in healing code mentioned that code for depression in joy catager and in manual problem reference list  in kindness cns catagery which seem contradictery
please clearify


Diane, what a great website and information! I hope your experience can help me with my small issue. I am just finishing The Healing Code book and I am soon ready to start the Codes. Actually, I feel great, healthy, my life is flowing well, all is good. I scored +7 on the Heart Issue test, so even though everything is great, I still have room to improve some areas. I am an athlete and would like to use the Codes for peak performance.  My issue is that I was born and raised as an atheist (in Europe), and even… Read more »



"Visualize", as if what you want or need is already manifested. "Feel" God's love for you and your love for Him. Make prayers of gratitude and thankfulness for the many blessings you have received. St. Paul instructed the Phillipeans, "Let your petitions be made known to God with prayers of thanksgiving", Paste this on your refrigerator so you remember it at least 3 times a day.

You are not the first person to travel this road to Faith.

God bless you,



HI there I have started to do the codes I am very unhappy I cant deal with the way my life has gone I have no money and cant seem to earn and i am now 54 My sister who hates me since we were 10 abuses this as she is a millionare I cant deal with trying to live up to what she acheived I feel taht i didnt manage to have a fmaily or a career even though I have put loads of energy into life it just doesnt happen I am using the codes and so much… Read more »

Villy Mitchell

A message for Nicholas, If your wife has not been to see a doctor yet about her sudden hearing loss and tinnitus in her right ear, I would advise you to do so. The same thing happened to me in July 2011, although I just woke up like that without having any shocking news. These symptoms may be totally ok without any specific physical cause, but in my case an MRI scan showed an acoustic neuroma, a benign tumor on the hearing nerve. Please do not be alarmed because this is not necessarily the case for your wife, but I… Read more »


Dear Diane, About a month ago, my wife suffers from Sudden Sensory Hearing Loss coupled with tinnitus (ringing) in the right ear. This happens in an hour when she received a shocking news over the phone. I am trying to use the healing code to heal her hearing loss and tinnitus and would like to know whether is there a Q code, or any other healing method is suitable? is there a Q code specifically for hearing loss? I have tried the 6 minute healing code from the book for 3 times a day, but yet to receive any positive… Read more »


Thank You very much. I love your website.


Hello Diane,
I just read your wonderful article The Healing Codes for Pets and you gave the prayer that you use then you say to do the code on yourself and release it to your pet. Does that mean you don't do the hand positions on your pet at all?  And if not please explain what you mean by "then release it to your pet in love"  how do you do that?
Thank You so much,


Diane, Could you give us the healing Q code for dogs ? My dog id dieing and can not afford even the ebook. I really would appreciate it. I have the book.
thanks Diane


I have the Healing Codes Manual and the Q Codes.  I have been trying to practice more regularly and I prefer the Q Codes because they take less time.  But I'm a little confused and have re-read the manual several times and can't find my answer.  Each of the 12 categories has 2 codes to do, and most of them say to do them 2-6 or so times a day.  If I do Q Codes, do I still need to do each of the 2 codes for the category the 2-6 times a day?  Or with the Q Codes being… Read more »


I came across The Healing Codes about six months ago and have seen their great effectiveness. I have also since acquired The Q Codes and The Success Codes! I am aware that Q codes are a variety of Healing codes but is there any guide as to using both the Healing codes and the Success codes together? Presently I do Healing codes in the early mornings and then Success codes for the rest of the day. Is this okay or must one choose one or the other? I would be grateful if anyone would share their knowledge and/or experiences along… Read more »


I’ve been doing the healing code and then immediately afterwards the success codes, is that ok or is it better to stagger them? Thank you.

V Bailey

I have been doing the Healing Codes for about nine months with good success. I have noticed the ability to forgive faster (also forgiving and asking for forgiveness to people in my dreams that I haven't thought about in years), emotional release  and relaxation (and much more ongoing, subtle benefits). I just purchased the Q codes as I was curious about condensing down the time to do codes while adding more power. I'm a very busy mom of two toddlers, so time is precious. I had a situation arise with a family member that was highly charged emotionally and very… Read more »


I'm new, do I need to count to 30 in each stage, or if I go 20 seconds or 40 seconds in each stage it's ok? 

Ida Munson

Dear Diane I am interested in all these replies and also in your email re changing our brain waves from beta to alpha – I tried it as I read the email and shall give it a go. Thanks to you and to Dr Loyd. Am reading a book – The HeartMath Solution – most interesting.  Again Doc Childre stresses the importance of maintaining positive emotions, and gives 'tools' to help, such as Freeze Frame etc.  I feel these 'tools' could also help create a calm state of mind from which to do the Healing Code. Doc Childre also elaborates… Read more »


This may be a little off subject but I have an interesting story about using the Q Codes.  My son had a traffic ticket situation that required him to go before a particular judge on 3 different occasions.  She has a reputation of being very caustic, angry, not listening to the facts, etc. and she was true to form every time my son was in her court room.   A couple of weeks ago he found out he needed to see her one more time which he was dreading, because of her demeanor.  The following day, God told me to… Read more »


how much is the Q codes?


Hi Ida.  I do use the Q codes with whatever codes I am working with. I still love the regular longer version which I usually do 3 times a day ranging from 6-12 minutes each, because I LOVE how relaxed I feel. There are times that I can't settle my mind and focus on a positive so I use the q-codes to bust through it and it really works really well. If I am upset at the time it can lower the rating to 0 in a matter of a couple minutes. I also use the q codes when I… Read more »


Diane….yes please send me the information on the Q codes you have to share! Thanks. Colleen Jensen.

Susan Crouch

Diane, I saw your request for responses regarding Q Codes vs Regular Healing Codes.  I meant to write you anyway….so here goes. To refresh your memory, my Granddaughter, Kylie has Rett Syndrome.  She does not talk and walks, but with help (only about 30% walk at all), and she has no purposeful use of her hands as they have to wring them constantly. There are only 4,000 or so girls with this syndrome. I had done the Regular Codes 6 hours a day for 6 months, seeing continuing improvement, but not the "complete healing" I was expecting.  Being a bit… Read more »


Hi Ida — I only used the regular healing code for about a month before I gave up on it. Months later, I was drawn back to the concept and purchased both the Q Codes and the Manual and together, they made a huge difference. Within about 6 weeks, they virtually wiped out a decades-long depression and restored me to approximately 80% of full energy, whereas it had been years since I'd had any energy that didn't come from prescriptions or tons of caffeine. I'm still working on some issues, but it's been about 2 months (a little less than… Read more »

Ida Munson

I would be very interested to hear from anyone who has used the Q Codes and had a healing result when, previously they had used the Healing Code for several months, like I have, with no noticeable results


Can you tell me a bit about the truth finder technique and how it differs from muscle testing?  Of course, without revealing the actual technique.  I suppose I'm curious as to whether it's actually a physical technique, ie doe it use any part of the body, or is it strictly an energy type of technique.  Thanks for any help you can give me on this.  I've been using the healing codes from the manual for about three months & have not got any improvement on my hypertension, but am much calmer and more relaxed – a wonderful achievement for this… Read more »

Eudora Thornburg

My husband and I are interested in using the Q Codes for us and our family.  Sometime back, we paid the total price of $199 and downloaded and printed the book.  Is the price of $97.00 an additional charge for the Q Codes?  I guess we're like the bamboo plant in that we cannot see any  changes so far.  However, we were including our granddaughter in the codes that we did and she received a test within that time period which was an OK to release her from the hospital.  PTL.  She had battled Luekemia for months.  Anyhow, thanks for… Read more »

Caryl St Clair

Is there another way to get this, I would prefer a download, not a physical product. the cost of US$97. is beyond me.

Paul Angielczyk

I would like to get the Qcodes, Can you tell me just what is included in the package. Or is it an ebook? I am in the process of going to Florida for the winter and I would not want to have a package come to my Buffalo NY home if I am not going to be here. An ebook I can download anywhere because I take my lap top with me.
Thank you for your time
Paul Angielczyk


what is the q codes?
please tell me how its different than the healing codes?
how can it help me
and my clients.
i worked with you once over the phone and bought the book from you
do answer
answer true
thank you
and may
the source of light
love you

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