Report: What Years of Daily Healing Codes Have Done for Me


I began doing The Healing Codes in June 2007, and by the summer of 2015 I wrote a blog about my healing journey to that date. Here’s what I wrote, and then you’ll get updates at the end.

This summer of 2015 marked 8 years of my doing Healing Codes, and I thought I’d give you an idea of what kinds of healing I’ve experienced over those 8 years.

I do Healing Codes every day, rarely skipping a day (because I feel it when I do), usually at least twice daily.

All I had back in 2007 was The Healing Codes Manual, which I waited several years to get from the time I had first heard about The Healing Codes. All that was available then was the $700 package.

When I started doing The Healing Codes, I was on medications for asthma, allergies, thyroid, hormone replacement, and another condition I’d rather not name.

I started working through The Twelve Categories (unforgiveness, harmful actions, unhealthy beliefs, love, joy, peace, etc.–see chapter 11 of The Healing Code, or the Heart Issues Finder.) When I got to the Peace category, I had a major “healing response.” I didn’t know it at the time; I thought it was food poisoning. I didn’t have a coach.

Three months after that, I had a TIA, or mini-stroke. I recovered completely, but the tests showed the TIA was caused by a PFO (hole in the heart), so I was enrolled in a clinical trial. The details of that story can be seen on my video, but the upshot was that apparently The Healing Codes had closed up the hole. I was taken off all blood thinners within a few months.

In that first year, all kinds of physical things appeared, then disappeared without treatment: ovarian cysts, breast lumps, worsened allergy symptoms, and probably other things I can’t remember. I was always running to the doctor for this and that, until I learned more about how this energy medicine worked. Once I understood that these physical manifestations could be signs of healing, not disease, I started to wait awhile to see if things would resolve. They did.

So what kind of healing have I experienced over these years?

I’ll start with the physical, since that’s what brings so many people to The Healing Codes (even though we emphasize: The Healing Codes do not directly address ANY physical issue. It only heals “issues of the heart.” However, when you heal all the unconscious stress from those heart issues, the body can heal itself).

I don’t remember how long it took for me to get off all the medications except the thyroid, which I need because most of my thyroid was removed way before I came upon The Healing Codes. One of the things about The Healing Codes is you tend not to remember what was healed. Often I would suddenly realize, “Hey, I don’t have that physical issue anymore!” Most often, the physical healing is very, very gradual.

I did have one–count it, ONE–very sudden and dramatic healing. I had a bad head cold that started on a Tuesday. By Friday I was very miserable, and so addressed it with my Healing Code. I was actually working on a “boundary” issue, and just mentioned “and all resulting physical issues, especially this cold” in the prayer. Literally in the middle of doing the Code, suddenly the cold symptoms vanished–just like that!

So instant healing can happen. It’s just not typical. There really is no “typical.” We heal in layers. We peel back the onion, going deeper and deeper.

We may not even know all that’s healing. It’s very common for someone to say, “I don’t feel any effects of The Healing Codes.” Yet when they visit their doctor for a checkup, they find that all their numbers are wonderful. That happened to my husband. After he finally started doing Healing Codes (witnessing the changes in me convinced him), he didn’t notice a whole lot of difference in any way. Yet his first checkup (and all since, in the 7 or so years he’s been doing Healing Codes) have all shown he’s in the peak of health.

All I can say is, I am at my ideal weight (without ever “dieting” or trying to lose). I lost 10 lbs. pretty early on, and never gained it back. Over time, I found myself craving less and less of the unhealthy stuff, and more and more of the healthy foods.

I know I’m forgetting a lot of what’s healed over these years, but some of the issues that I have struggled with in the past are: sleep issues; osteoporosis, periodontal disease, the start of macular degeneration, acid reflux, food allergies and sensitivities, neck and back pain, hormone imbalances, and a few others I’d rather not name.

Most of these physical issues have cleared up, are “maintaining” (such as the osteoporosis–bone density actually improving slightly), or have resolved. One issue that hasn’t resolved, so far as I know, is gluten sensitivity.

But you know what? It doesn’t bother me at all. Yes, I wish I could eat the wonderful homemade bread I used to  make in my bread machine, and maybe I’m already healed of that. I haven’t tried to test it. I’m at peace about not eating gluten, and to me, that’s a form of healing. I know I’m healthier without those grains.

I have actual physical proof from my doctor that I am getting ever healthier, but my attorney says I can’t post it online. (Can’t even tell my truth!)

So I’ve created a document that includes my Heart Rate Variability tests (plus other tests), starting in 2012. It will include an explanation (as non-technical as I can make it) for the report. Just sign up below and I will send you to the report, which you may read or download and print out. Just remember, as they always say: “Your results may differ from mine. This is no guarantee of any results you will get,” yada yada.

The main thing is, keep doing The Healing Codes to heal your heart issues, and you will no doubt reap some kind of physical benefits, as the stress leaves your body and your body begins to heal itself according to God’s design.

UPDATE, June 2018

Most of the post above was originally published in 2015, right before what I called the “tsunami” hit my family. It was a cascade of stressful events, one right after another, that lasted for a year and a half at least.

By 2017,. the stress from that time began to finally take its toll on my health, as shown in the test results from February 2017. The following month, I bought a HALO Light System and began using it.

In April 2018 I got new HRV/APG test results. Despite all the stress of the past 3 years, which I thought would finally start to show up in my health, my results are . . . well, you’ll just have to see them to believe them. Click here to sign up (so you can get future updates as well), and you will see what The Healing Codes–and HALO–can do.

Get the OBJECTIVE proof below!

UPDATE, June 2019

Just saw my doctor again, had some blood work done. Everything normal, except cholesterol was high. “But,” the doctor said, “this is not a problem because it’s the good (HDL) cholesterol that’s high!”

She did not do another Heart Rate Variability test, so I can’t report on that like I’ve done for the past couple of years. I had a colonoscopy and endoscopy done a few months ago. No maj0r problems there; I think my symptoms of acid reflux have to do with stress.

It’s interesting to me: I feel like I’m healing at a whole new layer now. Generational and other hidden and foundational memories are coming to the surface. As they do, physical symptoms like the acid reflux are also coming up, just like they did when I first started doing The Healing Codes.

There is a theory that when symptoms come up, it’s actually a sign that things are healing. I wrote about that here. Could it be that as I’m healing at this deeper level, the symptoms are a sign of new things healing?

To tell you the truth, though, I think any physical issues I’m having are a direct result of my not getting to bed earlier. I wrote about how sleep can make or break our health here, and I believe it now more than ever.

So what am I working on these days with my Healing Codes? The Harmful Action of not getting to bed earlier. Which is actually tied to a deeper “heart issue”: guilt over taking care of myself. I somehow have a deeply ingrained subconscious wrong belief that taking care of myself is selfish, that I must put other people and their needs first. I believe this comes from being called selfish whenever I had a need growing up, and the lack of help in tuning in to my body’s signals about what it needs.

(Dr. Jonice Webb discusses this all beautifully in her book on Childhood Emotional Neglect, Running on Empty. Her book is helping me to believe that it’s really very unselfish to take good care of myself, because then I’ll be my best self for others.)

As I’ve said many times before, we heal in layers. As I am in this whole new layer of healing, physical issues are coming up. I am asking my body what it needs, asking what it’s trying to tell me. And it does tell me! There is a great intelligence in the body, in our cells, and if we learn to listen we can gain insight and speed our healing.

Take the autoimmune disease I’ve been diagnosed with, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. What is autoimmune disease? It’s the body being confused over what is mine–what belongs there–and what is not mine. Somehow my body is attacking its own thyroid, thinking that that tissue is a foe.

So I ask myself: Could the Hashomoto’s be related to this issue of feeling I’m selfish for taking care of myself? I believe it is. I periodically have to go back and address it as more and more layers of this foundational issue heal. My body gives me the clues.

This is the healing journey: Things come up, I address them and heal them, and enter a new dimension of spiritual, emotional, relational and/or physical vitality. My life continues to blossom in new ways. I am most appreciative.

That’s what’s ahead for you, too, if you persist in your own healing path. Persistence will lead to growth in ways that can’t be predicted. I wish that growth in vitality for you.


Checkup time again! Still living with lots of circumstantial stress. Most of it comes from a couple of particular life situations that are not going to go away. Then there were some very difficult losses. All on top of the everyday stress of managing a household and a business.

I believe a lot of added stress also came from the “emotional inflammation” caused simply by living during a crazy pandemic/election season and, as a Highly Sensitive empath, absorbing a lot of the negative energy of the world at large. (Though I have lots of tools to mitigate this.)

One of the newer tools I added in October 2019: a wearable PEMF device called the c.Balance. It’s an amazing device that scans the body for what kind of support it needs, and then balances all the circadian rhythms of every organ of the body—and then some. The c.Balance is designed to boost the body’s energy system and all its biological rhythms, in turn, allowing for natural optimization of energy levels, stress reduction, immunity, toxic effects of EMF (e-smog), environmental toxins and travel, pain and inflammation, trauma and general well-being. 

Taking all this into consideration, it’s quite remarkable and reassuring that my latest report continues to show many areas in the “optimal” range. And though my mental stress was in the “very high” zone, the “stress resistance” was almost as high. See for yourself by downloading the latest report.

And if I can assist you on the path of healing by finding the deepest issue your heart is ready to heal now, I would count it a privilege. Check out https://HealingCodesCoaching.com for your options.


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