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Breakthrough in Healing

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I had a recent breakthrough in an issue that I’ve been trying to heal, off and on, for a number of years.

It healed me on all levels: relationally, spiritually, and physically.

The breakthrough came through a total shift in perspective toward a particular person. It felt like God was breaking through, showing me how He sees this person. What resulted was nothing short of miraculous, at least to me.

The peace that had eluded me finally came in–and has stayed with me, even as things in my outer world became turbulent.

The relationship improved at least 80%, and just in time: a crisis hit almost immediately. Without my new perspective, I would have responded very, very differently. Now, I am in the crisis still with this amazing peace, and able to truly be a support to this person in the crisis that affects both of us.

In fact, I’m feeling nothing but peace, love, hope, and even joy in the midst of a lot of uncertainty in our outer world.

This, my friends, is what healing from a heart issue looks like.

It’s not that things are perfect on the outside. They are not. A few weeks ago, I might have felt like my world was falling apart. But now I’m able to be fully in the present, without the overlay of memories of the past coloring the present. In the present, I am finding grace to deal with what is, now.

Interestingly, a nagging physical issue also seems to have healed.

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Thanks to all who are supporting people on the Healing Hearts Prayer Circle, as suggested in my post, “The Healing Power of Combined Intention.”

Here’s how I suggest you pray and, if doing a Code, use either the universal Healing Code (from the book) or the more specific Healing Codes from the Healing Codes Manual.

Start by going through the 12 Categories (chapter 11 in The Healing Code, or the Healing Code Manual). They are also categorized in the Heart Issues Finder, a free assessment that will help you determine which area is weakest for you. I’ll list the 12 Categories here: Unforgiveness, Harmful Actions, Unhealthy Beliefs (the 3 inhibitors to healing), Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Trust, Humility, Self-Control.

Suggested prayer:

“Dear God, I pray that you would find, open, and heal all known and hidden negative images, beliefs, cellular and generational memories, and all resulting physical issues, related to [insert the issue, e.g. “any unforgiveness issues that are at the source of his/her issue”], by filling [person’s name] with the love, life, and light of the Most High God. I also pray that you would magnify the effectiveness of this healing to the maximum level for [person’s name] highest good, at an optimal pace, and restore everything to Your original design. Thank you, God.”

After that, look at the problem the person has and for 2 days focus on the Category that problem fits.

After addressing the particular category for two days, on every third day you start cycling through the 12 Categories on every third day. So if you choose the Love category, you do two days of Love, then Unforgiveness, then two more days of Love, then Harmful Actions, etc.

This is a good protocol for anyone to follow, by the way, for your main issue. That way you will address the secondary issues that may be contributing to your main problem, in a systematic way.

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