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Are you a person who is very spiritual by nature but you feel like you have to keep that part of you separate from your business success?
Most likely that’s because you are what Business Miracles Mentor, Heather Dominick, refers to as a Highly Sensitive Entrepreneur. Not sure what that is? Then take the Highly Sensitive Entrepreneur quiz here. You’ll also get her Success Guide to show you the next steps.
For years I followed Heather, and found her inspiring, refreshing, and encouraging. But when I finally signed up for her coaching (something I’ve been wanting to do for years, and this year the time was finally right)–well, I’ve seen many, many business (and life) miracles. (Definition of a miracle: a shift in perspective.)
The teachings and assignments are excellent, so carefully curated to move us ahead in the business, without overwhelm. In fact, that’s one of the HSE “shadows” that she purposefully helps us overcome, even as we move into our core strengths at an HSE.
 This coaching program has helped me to gain confidence that, as she says, HSEs are uniquely positioned to help other people if we can learn to go with our HS strengths and not get snagged by the things that can trip us up….
Things like:
  • what to do when you feel overwhelmed so it doesn’t stop you in your tracks.
  • what you need to prioritize during your business day (so it feels good, gets done and generates income).
  • who you need to speak to in order to attract your ideal clients (and how it doesn’t need to feel at all intimidating).
The carefully curated tools are designed to move us ahead, baby step by baby step. The coaching is amazing. I never knew such support existed.
During 2020, Heather stepped up the support even more. She offered those of us in the community extra “Exceptional Times Roundtable series” sessions to help us “rise up and lead through and beyond these exceptional times.” Those sessions were truly exceptional in the depth and practicality of what I and I’m sure others needed.
She also provided 5o days of “Exceptional Times Daily Activations”: 15 minutes or so of different ways to refocus us on the positive and access our Highly Sensitive strengths. Some of them moved me to tears.
I’m happy to report that these daily activation recordings are now available to anyone. Check them out here.
Heather says that for Highly Sensitive Entrepreneurs and Leaders it can be tempting, when it all feels too much, to shut down, contract and try to protect yourself at all costs (or go into chaotic, panic, road runner mode). When what’s actually happening is you are receiving a call to OPEN UP, not give up.
It’s an opportunity to consider the possibility that there might be another way.
Opening myself up to that I think has led to many business miracles.
Despite the global pandemic and all that came with it, despite my breaking my foot in late September and having all that inconvenience (the worst being not able to take my daily walk that I’ve done for 25 years, rain or shine), this has been a year of miracles. My business is booming; in fact, I have a waiting list. I am moving in new directions. My clients are giving me rave reviews. And it is all so, so satisfying.
Heather Dominick is one huge factor in activating those miracles. I highly recommend you take the quiz and get her Success Guide (informative in itself), check out the Daily Activations, and perhaps even consider her Highly Sensitive Leadership program.
It’s not too late for Business Miracles in 2020 and beyond!
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