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What I Wish I’d Known as a Young Parent

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A few days ago, my youngest child celebrated her 18th birthday. In a couple of weeks, we will take her to college. My oldest child will enter his last year of college. (That’s her as a baby–always the joker.)

My child-rearing days are over. I am going through the 12 Healing Codes categories to heal any residual issues from those years to sort of “clean house” as my husband and I enter a new phase of life. (The 12 Categories can be found in chapter 11 of The Healing Code and in free Heart Issues Finder assessment tool.)

In the process, I can’t help but wish I had The Healing Codes when I was a younger parent. Knowing what I know now about “heart issues,” and after working with nearly a  thousand clients on their heart issues, two things stand out to me as the most important things a parent can do for a child.

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Comments (6)

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