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Birth, Trauma–and YOUR Healing

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Every so often, a particular topic/theme/image comes up several times in one day, and I can’t help but pay attention.

One day recently it was babies, and birth. And it occurred to me that this is something that affects each one of us, because each of us was born and the before, during, and after birth experiences might be the very thing that blocks our healing.

Here’s why all this struck me.

First, in the morning I got a delightful email from a client in Denmark who just had a baby the week before. This woman had lost several pregnancies and really wanted to get pregnant. We did custom Healing Codes before she conceived, and all through the pregnancy. That morning she sent a photo of her new baby girl. She is absolutely gorgeous and perfect–one of the prettiest babies I’ve ever seen (aside from my own two, of course!). The mother says she’s already very sweet and settled–“a true Healing Codes baby!” You can actually FEEL this just by looking at the picture of this adorable baby girl.

Then, in working with two different clients that day, a birth trauma presented for each of them. On a podcast I heard, the speaker talked about what birth is, and how traumatic it probably is for most of us. I thought about how we can use The Healing Codes to clear such trauma.

Finally, a client sent me a document she wants to work through about praying for an unborn baby, to clear generational issues.

So you can see why the topic of birth and babies was on my mind that day

But why am I sharing this with you?

Because it is a good idea to do a Healing Code for any cellular memories from the time when you were in utero, and another one for your actual birth. I suggest doing Read More→

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Few people have had a perfect father, or been a perfect father, so it’s probably safe to say everyone has “father issues.”

I believe that the images we associate with “father” profoundly affect two areas in particular: success in life, and our spirituality.

The father has a lasting effect on both sons and daughters with respect to how successfully they operate in the world. If you have success issues, look at how your father viewed you, himself and his own place in the world. Heal anything negative that comes up for you.

Also, your image of God is inextricably bound up in your images of “father.” (There is a reason the biblical view of God is primarily as a Father. Earthly fathers are meant to reflect the heavenly Father’s life-giving nature and goodness. Earthly fathers invariably fall short.)

The good news is there is healing for father issues.

So just as I did for Mother’s Day, I would like to give everyone a custom Healing Code code for any issues you have about your own father, and/or, if you’re a father, about your own fathering.

Before you start using this particular Healing Code, I suggest you take the Love Styles quiz first, to understand how you might have learned some injured ways of relating (from father or mother).

Here’s your custom Healing Code for father issues: Read More→

I wrote this one Mother’s Day, but you can do this custom healing Code for “mother issues” any time.

Whether or not you’re a mother yourself, you had a mother.

And, because no mother is a perfect mother, very likely you have “heart issues” connected to negative memories of your mother.

In addition, if you’re also a mother yourself, you may have heart issues connected to your own mothering. Again, because none of us is perfect, we can all look back on things we wish we’d done differently.

So I would like to give you a custom Healing Code for any and all negative memories you have concerning “mother issues,” whether they concern your mother or your own mothering. Read More→

I got a call from a friend who asked me to pray with her about the shooting at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut this morning. I hadn't yet heard about the tragedy. We prayed, and then I got caught up on the news.

This is so tragic, so traumatic. Certainly for the families of the victims. But we are all, in some ways, traumatized by this. Over and over I heard people say on the newscasts, "School is supposed to be a safe place."

Just yesterday I had given someone a custom Healing Code for this very issue of not feeling safe. The traumas from childhood still haunt him today.

And so they will for so many people from this tragedy, if healing does not take place.

I have developed a custom healing code that anyone who is traumatized by this incident can do for yourself and/or  release to others. (If you don't know how to do a Healing Code, please visit to learn how to do it. This is a custom healing code specifically for the collective energy of this trauma.) It will be updated as needed, so please make a note of expiration date and come back for the updated Code. It is: Read More→

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Vonnie’s Miracle

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Vonnie, a pianist and one of my clients, shared with me an incredible true story that happened to her the week before Christmas. I thought it was perfect for the holiday season. After all, this is a time when we reflect on the miracles in the Christmas and Hanukkah stories.

For years I have almost been crippled with this stabbing sensation of fear just before going on stage to perform. Even though the concerts with my group usually went well, I was a complete wreck inside before and all during the performances. No one ever had a clue how much I was suffering & would often tell me I appeared completely professional on stage. 

A couple of weeks ago, I had been working on the custom Healing Code Diane gave me for the fear of making mistakes in a performance. I had not had a lot of time for practicing for this particular performance and was quite stressed about it, but the night of, by some miracle (thank you God through the Healing Codes), I actually felt calm and prepared.

However, I was not prepared for what happened at the end of the concert. Read More→

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When the Holidays Bring Painful Memories

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For some of us, the holidays are anything but peaceful or joyful.

Perhaps the holidays bring up memories of disappointment, tension, even trauma.

Or, perhaps there’s more of a sense of emptiness. It’s not that anything bad happened, it’s just that . . .  there was nothing especially joyful about it either.

Or maybe it’s just that things are so different now, with all that’s going on and all that’s changed in the world.

If any of these scenarios fit you, I encourage you to do a Healing Code specifically on your negative holiday memories.

First, start with your current feelings and beliefs about the holidays. Is the belief that it’s all up to you to make the holidays a perfect, special time causing you stress? Are you feeling anxiety over finding “the perfect gift”? Are you dealing with the old “not enough” feeling as you try to make your budget stretch to include gifts? Are you anticipating disappointment because you’ve always felt disappointed by Christmas? Are you feeling pressured to plan a great party, wondering if you can live up to others’ expectations? Are you feeling lonely because you can’t be with loved ones now, and that’s triggering unhealed loneliness from the past?

Whatever your current stress is, rate it (1-10, 10 being the worst). Then ask yourself, “What other times have I felt this way?” Jot down those memories, rate them, then start to work on the strongest or earliest memory with a Healing Code. (Use the universal Code from The Healing Code book, or get a custom Healing Code from me.)

You can drain the negative charge from those earlier memories so that they don’t have to color your current experience. You can enjoy this year for what it is, and create new, joyful memories.

I pray you will let the Joy-giver, whose birthday Christmas celebrates, heal any negative memories, and break into your life with the joy and peace he came to bring.

And if you want some extra help and support, check out my coaching at

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