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Someone wrote to me recently asking how to do a Healing Code for a friend who had had brain surgery, and was not responsive.

Well, first of all, I believe that as long as a person is alive, the human spirit is able to perceive, even if because of the physical state, the body and mind seem totally unresponsive.

You don’t have to know a person’s heart issue to connect with his or her spirit and send healing.

So I like to pray the Prayer of Intention like this:

“Dear God, I pray you will call ___’s spirit to attention to connect with your Spirit to receive your healing and grace. Please find, open and heal anything that would prevent ____ from full recovery, by filling him with your love, light and life. Please also magnify the effectiveness of this healing to the maximum level for his highest good, at an optimal pace, and restore everything–spirit, soul, mind and body–to your original, intended design. Thank you, Lord, for your ability and willingness to do these things.”

You can amend the above prayer to fit a different situation, of course. If, for instance, you want to do a Code for someone with cancer, you can say, “… find, open and heal anything that is causing or contributing to the cancer, by filling …”

You can do the Code on yourself, perhaps using the Truth Focus Statement, “The life-giving light of the Lord God Almighty shines in all ____’s darkness, to bring complete healing, peace, and right relationships with God, self and others.”

When you’re done with the Code, you can open your hands in a release gesture and say, “I release the full effects of this healing to _____, in love.”

It’s that simple!

It’s wonderful to do Healing Code for others. I do, regularly, especially for my family. (I do Q Codes for others because that’s so much quicker, and allows me to do more for more people–and myself!)

In fact,  it’s been my experience that doing a Healing Code for someone else is actually more powerful than that person doing it for him or herself, because the love that motivates you adds to the power of the Code.

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Thanks to all who are supporting people on the Healing Hearts Prayer Circle, as suggested in my post, “The Healing Power of Combined Intention.”

Here’s how I suggest you pray and, if doing a Code, use either the universal Healing Code (from the book) or the more specific Healing Codes from the Healing Codes Manual.

Start by going through the 12 Categories (chapter 11 in The Healing Code, or the Healing Code Manual). They are also categorized in the Heart Issues Finder, a free assessment that will help you determine which area is weakest for you. I’ll list the 12 Categories here: Unforgiveness, Harmful Actions, Unhealthy Beliefs (the 3 inhibitors to healing), Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Trust, Humility, Self-Control.

Suggested prayer:

“Dear God, I pray that you would find, open, and heal all known and hidden negative images, beliefs, cellular and generational memories, and all resulting physical issues, related to [insert the issue, e.g. “any unforgiveness issues that are at the source of his/her issue”], by filling [person’s name] with the love, life, and light of the Most High God. I also pray that you would magnify the effectiveness of this healing to the maximum level for [person’s name] highest good, at an optimal pace, and restore everything to Your original design. Thank you, God.”

After that, look at the problem the person has and for 2 days focus on the Category that problem fits.

After addressing the particular category for two days, on every third day you start cycling through the 12 Categories on every third day. So if you choose the Love category, you do two days of Love, then Unforgiveness, then two more days of Love, then Harmful Actions, etc.

This is a good protocol for anyone to follow, by the way, for your main issue. That way you will address the secondary issues that may be contributing to your main problem, in a systematic way.


Benefits of Helping Others Heal

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When we pray for others or doing The Healing Code for them, something special happens. There's something about connecting to them and God that is very powerful.
Here's what Laura discovered about doing The Healing Code for others:
"I am so excited to report that my issue levels are continuing to drop to zero very quickly since I began doing the Codes for others.  I have been finding the  more people I include, the faster it goes.  I have goosebumps on my goosebumps.  I have always experienced the Codes being the most efficient, simple, effective and satisfying healing tool to use (and I have used quite a few) but in one or two days time now each issue has fallen away to zero. That wasn't the case when I was only doing the Codes for myself.  I am feeling so hopeful and peaceful.  Something that I was not feeling for a very long time.

"All of the issues I have been working on are early childhood ones and they all have started at Level 10.  In one or two days' time, they are at zero.  Amazing!  Thank you God  and the entire Healing Codes Family.

"Something also that I want to share is that at first I was doing each person and their issue separately.  Very quickly I realized that I could try to combine different people and their issues in the same session.  That is what I am doing now.  I have even included animals too.  Since I have been doing Vinny's Codes for him, I, of course, am doing his session separately."
If you're not sure how to do The Healing Code for someone else, this article explains it.
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Prayer for Vincent’s Tumor

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Vincent was 8 years old when he was diagnosed with a tumor on his brain stem. His grandmother, Diane, contacted me for a custom Healing Code for him on Saturday, July 16, 2011.

I told my subscribers about Vincent and there was a wonderful ground swell of support for him–people responding they they are praying and even doing a Healing Code on his behalf. (Bless you all!)

I’m happy to report that as of 7/19/11, there is good news. Further testing leads the doctors to believe the tumor is benign, as there seem to be no issues with Vincent’s spinal cord. Because of the location of the tumor, surgeons are loathe to operate. They believe that steroids can reduce the swelling and a shunt can keep any fluid from building up. Vincent went home on Monday, 7/18/11.

So let’s keep praying for Vincent and, if you’re so inclined, do The Healing Code for him. (Here’s an article on how to do a Healing Code on behalf of another person. Dr. Loyd says that when you do a Code for someone else, you benefit at least as much as they do, probably more.) Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the tumor shrank to nothing?

I’ll add updates to the blog. If you want to get these updates and other blog posts, subscribe in the upper right-hand corner, please.

If you’d like to comment, you may also do that.

I will post only his latest Code, but keep the updates as is so you can track the progress.

Update, 7/27/11: The doctors did another MRI on 7/24, and the neurosurgeon was astonished. The tumor had shrunk noticeably. The doctor said, “I’ve never seen this kind of tumor respond like this to steroids.” His conclusion is that “it must not be that kind of tumor.” Read More→

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