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Heal Others as You Heal Yourself

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I was talking with a client recently, who told me something that happened since she was doing her last custom Healing Code from me that was a beautiful reminder of how The Healing Codes affect others.

She told me her mother came up to her and hugged her and told her she appreciated my client for taking care of her. This totally shocked my client, as this was very uncharacteristic of her mother. In fact, it brought up hurtful memories of times her mother did not hug her when she should have.

What’s especially fascinating to me is that my client had been working on a generational memory from her mother when her mother gave her the hug. (Generational memories are trauma memories passed down through the DNA.) Apparently, when my client was healing that generational memory from her mother in herself and releasing the effects of the healing to her mother, something in her mother seems to be healing.

This is the wonderful thing about The Healing Codes, which may well be particular to The Healing Codes: our healing can be passed on to others we’re close to, because of the energetic connection we share with those close to us.

I have written several articles about how we can help others to heal through The Healing Codes, even as we focus on our own healing:

There is also evidence that doing Healing Codes specifically for others is effective, perhaps even more powerful than if the people did the Codes for themselves.

Several years ago, for instance, I gave custom Healing Codes to the grandmother of a boy named Vinny, who had an inoperable brain stem tumor. Over a period of many months, not only did his grandmother, Diane, do those custom Healing Codes, but I posted the Codes on this blog, and other people also did Vinny’s Codes.

The results were astounding. Listen here to Diane’s testimonial.

You can also see what happened when a mom and dad did custom Healing Codes for their young son, who had strabismus. Trace his progress here.

Whether you’re doing your own codes and releasing the healing to others, or specifically doing Healing Codes for others, know that the healing effect can ripple out.

And if you want to give custom Healing Codes and coaching to someone as a gift, you may do that here. If the person isn’t familiar with The Healing Codes at all, you can order the book + Custom Healing Code option, and also suggest they sign up for the free “Getting Started with The Healing Codes” email course. If ordering book and/or custom Healing Codes, all you need to do is put in the Comments section of your order that this is for someone else, and add their email address and phone number. Include any other special instructions, such as whether it’s a surprise or how much they already know about The Healing Codes.

Perhaps you’ve followed the story of Vinny, the boy whose grandmother came to me in July 2011 to get custom Healing Codes for the inoperable benign tumor on his brain stem.

Not only did I get custom Healing Codes for Diane to do for Vinny. For some reason I felt led to post his plight on this blog, and ask people to join in to pray for him and do his Codes if they chose. (The story as it unfolded can be found here. Throughout his treatment, Vinny did very well with the chemotherapy. Almost no side effects, and never missed school except for the treatments themselves!)

I have no idea how many people participated in doing Vinny’s custom Healing Codes. (If you did, I’d love for you to post a comment below.) But after nearly 18 months of Diane and others doing Vinny’s custom Healing Codes, Vinny’s chemotherapy treatments were ended. The tumor and the cysts were gone, as of February 2013.

Last week, another MRI was taken, and an amazing new development emerged. Here is his grandmother’s 2-minute report on what the doctor said.

Diane and Vinny’s whole family want to thank all those who participated in this wonderful healing. Diane added after she made the recording, “Tell everyone never, ever to give up!”

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Prayer for Vincent’s Tumor

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Vincent was 8 years old when he was diagnosed with a tumor on his brain stem. His grandmother, Diane, contacted me for a custom Healing Code for him on Saturday, July 16, 2011.

I told my subscribers about Vincent and there was a wonderful ground swell of support for him–people responding they they are praying and even doing a Healing Code on his behalf. (Bless you all!)

I’m happy to report that as of 7/19/11, there is good news. Further testing leads the doctors to believe the tumor is benign, as there seem to be no issues with Vincent’s spinal cord. Because of the location of the tumor, surgeons are loathe to operate. They believe that steroids can reduce the swelling and a shunt can keep any fluid from building up. Vincent went home on Monday, 7/18/11.

So let’s keep praying for Vincent and, if you’re so inclined, do The Healing Code for him. (Here’s an article on how to do a Healing Code on behalf of another person. Dr. Loyd says that when you do a Code for someone else, you benefit at least as much as they do, probably more.) Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the tumor shrank to nothing?

I’ll add updates to the blog. If you want to get these updates and other blog posts, subscribe in the upper right-hand corner, please.

If you’d like to comment, you may also do that.

I will post only his latest Code, but keep the updates as is so you can track the progress.

Update, 7/27/11: The doctors did another MRI on 7/24, and the neurosurgeon was astonished. The tumor had shrunk noticeably. The doctor said, “I’ve never seen this kind of tumor respond like this to steroids.” His conclusion is that “it must not be that kind of tumor.” Read More→

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