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Emotional Development 101 taught by emotional development expert, Pamela LevinI want to tell you about a wonderful course on emotional development that is taught by a real expert whom I've known for years, Pamela Levin. Her course on "Emotional Development 101" will, I believe, complement your healing of heart issues.

I took her course a couple of years ago and plan to retake it again now (you can revisit it at any time once you have completed the course). It deepened my understanding of my own emotional life and has helped me in countless ways in my relationships and emotional well-being.

You will learn how we cycle through definite emotional stages every 13 years and what the specific emotional tasks of each cycle are. When you know this, you can then use her suggestions along with The Healing Code to heal whatever blocks that may be keeping you from successfully growing and deepening your emotional life in that area.

Other things I believe this course will do for you: Read More→

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