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Staying IN Your Comfort Zone

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How many times have you heard the advice from self-help gurus, “You’ve got to get out of your comfort zone”? As a former self-help junkie, I always heard that, and assumed it was true.

So I came to believe, unconsciously, that discomfort leads to success, comfort leads to failure.

Guess what? That’s a lie! One I had to heal with The Healing Codes. (And it was a stubborn one.)

A more accurate phrase that is true is you have to get out of your FAMILIAR ZONE, as Noah St. John points out in his book, The Secret Code of Success and his wonderful programs.

The distinction is crucially important.

The FAMILIAR ZONE is that place that is NOT comfortable, yet it is so familiar that you fear to leave it. But what’s behind the fear? Usually the negative belief that “change is always bad.” This belief may come first of all from your family (how did you parents view and feel and act concerning change?). It may then have been reinforced by every risk you ever took that didn’t turn out the way you wanted. “See,” your heart came to believe, “risk is bad. It never turns out well. Best to stay where you are. At least then you know what to expect.”

That’s the kind of programming you can address with a Healing Code.

What’s the Comfort Zone? It is that place where you are comforted.

Ideally, when you were a child and say you fell down and skinned your knee, and you cried and ran to mom, she would validate your feeling, (“Ouch, that knee looks like it hurts some,”), comfort you with a hug and/or a kiss, and then reoriented you to right perspective (“I’ll just clean off that scrape and put a Band-aid on and you’ll be fine”). Thus validated, comforted, and your issue taken care of, you can move on.

What that good mom did was to both acknowledge and validate your feelings, and then apply truth to the situation. The truth was that you are loved and lovable, you fell down and scraped your knee, it hurt you, but it can be taken care of.

Truth always comforts. And that is how we can get and stay in the Comfort Zone: by seeking and finding the whole truth about a situation.

You will find the most comfort when you seek and find the biggest truth.

So, let’s say that you are upset by the election results and fearful of what might happen in the future (a fear many in the U.S. feel these days, and perhaps in other countries as well). What is the deepest truth here? Read More→

Comments (4)

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