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FAQ: Thoughts, Feelings Won’t Go Away

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Here is a question that is often asked in some form,  especially by those who are just starting out with The Healing Codes:

“The terrible feelings and thoughts are not going away, and even when I’m doing The Healing Code, unwanted thoughts get in the way of my positive focus.”

Read the whole question and my answer here.

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How to Help Loved Ones Heal?

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Q: "Can I include a list of loved ones when I do the codes for myself?"

A: There are several ways to help loved ones heal.

One way is to do the Healing Code on yourself, then say at the end, "I release the full effects of this healing to [name of loved ones], in love, insofar as my issue affects them." This is especially good for family members. You are all connected energetically, and your healing can help them heal when you "pass it on" intentionally. I have several clients who are doing this regularly, and seeing wonderful results.

Alternatively, you may do the Universal Healing Code (from the book) for the list. However, according to Dr. Loyd, this is not as effective as doing it for each person.

When I do a Healing Code for someone, since I don't know exactly what their issue is, I pray for God to heal whatever is causing them to resist his grace. This is our biggest problem, in my opinion–we resist God's goodness and grace. So I figure the Lord knows the person's heart best, and will answer this prayer as he knows how.

If you have a question, you may ask it at Visit for more answers to questions, including more on doing a Healing Code by proxy.


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