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Frustration or … Fireworks!

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fireworks-useThe very first moments of the new year gave me a wonderful gift.

I was ready for bed by midnight. Just as I was about to climb into bed after giving my husband a big hug and kiss, I noticed the alarm clock.

"12:00 am. Jan 1"

I thought it looked cool, so I grabbed my iphone to snap a picture.

"Cannot Take Photo

There is not enough available storage to take a photo. You can manage your storage in Settings."

Oh well, so much for that. I consciously let go of the frustration, all too familiar, of not being able to do/have/get what I want because I didn't make time to do something that would make it possible. The daily frustation of technology again blocking a good idea and desire.

I got into bed. Comfort! Warmth!

Then I saw the lights flashing outside the bedroom window. Heard the boom. Fireworks!

Was it worth it to get out of bed to look?

Probably won't be able to see them anyway because of all the trees. Don't bother.

Still … I love fireworks.

I got out of bed, went to the window, peeked through the curtain.

Fireworks exploded right in the one place between all the trees that was clear. Unexpected bursts of color and light. Unexpcted beauty.

What are the chances of someone setting off fireworks in some place where I could see them so perfectly through my bedroom window?

I enjoyed the display then went back to the warmth and comfort of my bed.

It occurred to me that those few minutes capsulize the choices I will face throughout this next year.

I can either let the frustations of not getting/having/doing what I want get to me. I can rail against technology when it doesn't work (what-maybe 40% of the time?).

I can "stay in bed" and not bother to see if something wonderful might be beckoning.

Or I can make a little bit of effort, and be greeted by beauty and light breaking through when I least expect it.

What about you? What "fireworks" might you see if only you are aware they might be out there, and make a little effort to investigate?

And if you want any help healing the "heart issues" that are holding you back, check out my resources at Many are free!

Comments (1)

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