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Getting to Your Transformational Aha!

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In Dr. Alex Loyd's book, Beyond Willpower, he asks 3 key questions that most people answer incorrectly.

  1. What do you want right now more than anything else? (No filtering the answer!)
  2. If you got what you most wanted in question 1, what would that do for you and what would it change in your life?
  3. If you got the things that were your answers to both questions 1 and 2, how would you feel?

Question 3 is the life-changing question. The answer to that is what you really want. And it is always an internal state that is what you really want.

When I got ahold of what this actually means, it was life-changing. It is what Dr. Loyd calls "The Greatest Principle." I realized that what I wanted was "love, joy, peace, freedom, and a sense of abundance and security" THAT is what I began to pray for, to pursue.

What it all boils down to, in the end, is what he calls the Greatest Principle:

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Comments (5)

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