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What Healing Codes Should I Use For ____?

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A reader, Kimel, sent me an email with the following question:

I am 70. I bought the Healing Codes Manual years ago. Is there a code for improving balance and gait?

woman walking on train railwayThere is no specific code for that specific issue, or any physical issue per se, for that matter. The Healing Codes heal the negative energy in your body that it is stored in the negative images, beliefs, and memories that I believe are held in an energetic pattern in the DNA or cell.

However, when you do that—change that energy from negative to neutral or even positive–the ripple effects in the whole person, including the body, are seen and felt.


It often doesn’t happen over night, as most physical issues, by the time they show up in the body, have a number of contributory memories, feelings, and beliefs feeding into the problem.

I say that because another question a client asked recently was whether The Healing Code work, even if you don’t “feel” anything.

My answer to that is yes. The proof is the countless clients who “didn’t feel any changes,” but when they got their yearly checkups, for instance, their blood work showed former problems have been cleared up. Or their cancer markers went down, or whatever.

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I remember when my mother was alive and I was giving her weekly custom Healing Codes, the changes I saw were profound. More peace, happier, and she was even winning most of the time at Scrabble in her weekly game times with her sister! (A fact that greatly chagrined her sister.) Yet Mom didn’t herself notice any differences.

Back to Kimel’s question: what Healing Codes can he use for greater balance?

First he can ask himself how he feels about the need for greater balance? Is he fearful of falling? How strong is that fear? Where does he feel it in his body? As he tunes in to that sensation, can he think of another time he felt that kind of fear or physical sensation, about anything at all?

If he does remember, that’s the memory to start working on. And the category would be Peace, as that’s the opposite of fear. Since he has the Healing Codes Manual, he can look under the Peace category and pinpoint the negative emotions, harmful action (worry), and unhealthy beliefs listed under that category.

Since balance and gait are also connected to both the nervous system and the musculoskeletal systems, he can also focus on the Codes for Kindness and Self-control, respectively.

I have always been amazed at how the “heart issues” correlate to the body systems as was revealed to Alex Loyd. When I have a skin issue, I look for Joy issues. Sure enough, I find them. For the chronic issues that I’ve been diagnosed with, working on the corresponding categories brought resolution of most of them. When they pop up again, as respiratory issues did recently, I focused on shame, guilt, and “not enough” from the Goodness category. And the physical issues are abating.

Another option for Kimel or anyone is to work through the Healing Code categories in 3-day sets, praying that all issues connected to balance and gait be found, opened, and healed.

For Kimel’s issue, he would focus on those two main categories (Kindness for nervous system, Self-Control for musculoskeletal), and also, on each third day, go through all the Healing Codes categories.

So he might do the Codes for the nervous system on Days 1 and 2, then on Day 3 do the Forgiveness code (working through the 12 categories), and Days 4 and 5 the musculoskeletal system, day 6 the next of the 12 categories (Harmful Actions), Days 7 and 8, nervous system, day 9, Unhealthy Beliefs, and so forth, alternating the categories in that way.

As you can see, there are several ways to approach healing an issue with The Healing Codes, whether it’s a physical, emotional, or relational issue. The Healing Codes heal the “heart issues” that are the source of any issue.

By the way, there is more and more research and evidence for this idea that the emotional/spiritual issues truly are at the heart of any physical issue. Gabor Maté, MD, has written and spoken extensively on this topic. He has numerous YouTube videos you can look up, and his books, When the Body Says No: Understanding the Stress-Disease Connection and The Myth of Normal: Trauma, Illness, and Healing in a Toxic Culture, clearly explain how the body and mind/spirit are one.

In the latter book he acknowledges energy medicine, among other approaches, as an important and valid approach to healing. The key is “the individual’s active, free, and informed choice.”

By engaging in regularly doing The Healing Codes, you are activating your free and informed choice to heal. And that can do wonders.

And if you would like support for your healing journey, check out my current coaching packages at


Dreams: Clues to Your Heart?

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Have you ever had a dream that somehow seemed important, but you didn’t know why?

It may be a message from your heart about what needs to be healed.

I have long been fascinated by dreams, ever since college days when I studied Carl Jung’s ideas on dreams and the symbols of the “collective unconscious.” I was a literature major, so images and symbols fascinated me.

Now, as a Healing Codes Practitioner, I hear from clients who sometimes tell me their dreams, and I’m struck by how often the dreams give clues to heart issues that need to be healed.

forest path leading to light Read More→

It’s been 9 years since the Labor Day weekend that my whole life began to turn around completely. And all because of The Healing Codes.

I had started doing The Healing Codes in 2007, way before The Healing Code book came out. I had heard about The Healing Codes in 2004, told a friend about it, she bought “the big package” for $700, and started raving about all it had done for her and her family.

For three years I listened to her rave about The Healing Codes. Still I couldn’t afford the package.

(How fortunate that now it’s available for so much less–free for the universal Code if you view my video and take advantage of my free ecoachng, or you can get the various Manuals downloaded instantly for a third of the original cost.)

Anyway, my friend eventually sent me her Healing Codes Manual, and in June 2007 I started doing The Healing Codes.

Three months later, on Labor Day weekend, I had a TIA (ministroke), from which I recovered quickly and apparently completely.

But doctors wanted to know what caused the TIA, so they did tests and said it was due to a PFO (hole in the heart).

You can read the story here, or watch the video of what happened, how The Healing Codes verifiably healed that PFO.

What I want to mention here is that, as I experienced, sometimes when you do The Healing Codes, things can temporarily get worse, or seem to get worse. I want to emphasize this, lest you give up prematurely and miss out on the wonderful results you can experience.

When I first started working through the 12 Healing Codes categories, as is suggested in the Healing Codes Manual, a few days into it I had what I now know was a massive Healing Response. I thought at the time it was food poisoning. As I recall, I was working in the Peace category, and had some major issues there.

Then there was the TIA–another Healing Response?

In the year that followed, as I did my Healing Codes very regularly, all kinds of symptoms would pop up–then in a few weeks, resolve.

Until I caught on to what was happening, Read More→

Few people have had a perfect father, or been a perfect father, so it’s probably safe to say everyone has “father issues.”

I believe that the images we associate with “father” profoundly affect two areas in particular: success in life, and our spirituality.

The father has a lasting effect on both sons and daughters with respect to how successfully they operate in the world. If you have success issues, look at how your father viewed you, himself and his own place in the world. Heal anything negative that comes up for you.

Also, your image of God is inextricably bound up in your images of “father.” (There is a reason the biblical view of God is primarily as a Father. Earthly fathers are meant to reflect the heavenly Father’s life-giving nature and goodness. Earthly fathers invariably fall short.)

The good news is there is healing for father issues.

So just as I did for Mother’s Day, I would like to give everyone a custom Healing Code code for any issues you have about your own father, and/or, if you’re a father, about your own fathering.

Before you start using this particular Healing Code, I suggest you take the Love Styles quiz first, to understand how you might have learned some injured ways of relating (from father or mother).

Here’s your custom Healing Code for father issues: Read More→

Thanks to all who are supporting people on the Healing Hearts Prayer Circle, as suggested in my post, “The Healing Power of Combined Intention.”

Here’s how I suggest you pray and, if doing a Code, use either the universal Healing Code (from the book) or the more specific Healing Codes from the Healing Codes Manual.

Start by going through the 12 Categories (chapter 11 in The Healing Code, or the Healing Code Manual). They are also categorized in the Heart Issues Finder, a free assessment that will help you determine which area is weakest for you. I’ll list the 12 Categories here: Unforgiveness, Harmful Actions, Unhealthy Beliefs (the 3 inhibitors to healing), Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Trust, Humility, Self-Control.

Suggested prayer:

“Dear God, I pray that you would find, open, and heal all known and hidden negative images, beliefs, cellular and generational memories, and all resulting physical issues, related to [insert the issue, e.g. “any unforgiveness issues that are at the source of his/her issue”], by filling [person’s name] with the love, life, and light of the Most High God. I also pray that you would magnify the effectiveness of this healing to the maximum level for [person’s name] highest good, at an optimal pace, and restore everything to Your original design. Thank you, God.”

After that, look at the problem the person has and for 2 days focus on the Category that problem fits.

After addressing the particular category for two days, on every third day you start cycling through the 12 Categories on every third day. So if you choose the Love category, you do two days of Love, then Unforgiveness, then two more days of Love, then Harmful Actions, etc.

This is a good protocol for anyone to follow, by the way, for your main issue. That way you will address the secondary issues that may be contributing to your main problem, in a systematic way.

Do you do Healing Codes for other people? Would you like a quicker, more powerful way to do The Healing Code?

I’m happy to announce that there is a quicker and also more powerful way to do any Healing Code (the universal Code from the book, a custom Healing Code, or one of the 24 Healing Codes from the Manual). It’s called the Q Codes, and it only takes a 1-2 minutes to do!

Q Codes are not only quicker, but many people find it a more powerful way to do a Healing Code. In fact, Dr. Loyd discovered it when he was praying for a way to help the clients who were not experiencing the breakthroughs they had hoped for. He says, “I started praying for a solution for them. I prayed for months, and one day while praying in my back yard by the creek, the answer came–and The Q Codes were born.”

The Q Codes add a power element to the frequency of a Healing Code. Again, it’s a different way of doing a Healing Code. You still need some kind of Healing Code to use it with.

There are 3 different versions of the Q Codes (all included in the Manual). Two are what I think of as the “energized” versions and the third way is the “peaceful” version. I do the former in the day, the latter at night.

I use the Q Codes all the time, almost always when I do Healing Codes for other people. It allows me to extend the healing to many more people than I’d ever have time for using the regular Healing Code.

It also allows you to deal with more issues in your own life, faster and more powerfully.

The Q Codes Manual is available in digital format, which means it’s much more affordable. AND you get it right away!  Contact me if you have any questions, or just get the Q Codes Manual here.

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