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I hope you saw my last post and clicked to view the pictures of little Dalton that show what happened when his mother did Healing Codes for his eye condition.

You can see for yourself what Healing Codes can do, and read the pediatric optometrist's assessment.

I hope you also read the P.S. about how Heather realized that Dalton's allergies have also cleared up! She was so focused on the eye condition, that it wasn't until later that she noticed that his allergies (and there were many), also apparently healed.

So she sent me more pictures showing what happened to Dalton's skin when he was exposed to allergens such as dog and cat fur, or the many foods he was tested as allergic to.

Dalton-A2Seeing is believing, so even if you saw the eye pictures, go back and take a peek at the pictures of his skin and what Heather has to say about that.

What is so exciting about this aspect of Dalton's healing is that Heather didn't even mention his allergies, to me or in her prayer of intention when doing the Codes.

Yet Dalton's allergies were resolved.

The explanation seems to be:

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Proof Healing Codes Work

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Want some PROOF that Healing Codes work? 

The following testimonial was sent in by my client, Heather, who came to me with concern about her son's eye problems. She details exactly what happened, what she did, and she even provides photos so you can see for yourself why she is so delighted in what The Healing Codes have done for her son.

Four things that excite me about Heather's story:

1. It shows that you can do Healing Codes for someone else and get results.

2. It proves that the "placebo effect" has nothing to do with The Healing Codes. Dalton did not know Healing Codes were being done for him, so his healing could not be due to his believing they would work for him. And I don't think anyone who cites the placebo effect as an explanation believes it is transferable to another person (i.e., that you can be healed because another person believes you will).

3. It so clearly SHOWS Dalton's progress–the old "a picture is worth a thousand words" truth. (In this case, we have six of them!)

4. The doctor's words are so gratifying….. And so is the P.S. Heather sent when she realized what else healed!  Wait until you see this, too!

On April 3rd 2014, we noticed that our 2 1/2 year-old son’s left eye was turning in slightly when he would look at us. I immediately started looking for a doctor that could help with this condition known as strabismus. I found an optometrist who specifically deals with pediatric eye conditions. Our son’s eye turn grew progressively worse over the next week while we waited for our appointment date.

April 9th 2014– At the initial optometrist appointment, our son Dalton was given a thorough eye exam and it was determined he had a type of strabismus called accommodative esotropia. The measure of his eye turn at that visit was 20 diopters. He was prescribed corrective lenses due to the fact he was slightly farsighted. Most children are farsighted at his age but usually don’t develop over accommodation problems such as strabismus.

Click here for the rest of story and more photos

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