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Rediscovery of “The Heart”

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The name of this blog is, of course, "Healing Heart Issues."

The Heart is what controls everything we do. The Heart is what we need to heal, if we're to find wholeness.

But … do we really understand what "the Heart" is?

I know I didn't. Not until I met Larry Napier and sat under his teaching for a number of years.

(Larry Napier is Dr. Alex Loyd's spiritual mentor. I interviewed both Larry and Alex on the spiritual underpinnings of The Healing Code. You can hear that interview at

Larry Napier uses the image of the Ox and the Lion to help you grasp a whole new way of approaching life … from the Heart, not just the Head.

The Lion is the right-brain Image Maker, and is meant to lead us. The Ox is the Head, the left-brain, linear thinker that has its place.

The problem is, our culture is so totally left-brained, "Ox-dominated" that we miss at least half of Reality.

That is what Larry Napier is out to correct. Read More→

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