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Music to Heal By

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 Can music heal?

Most assuredly.  Music therapy has been around for a long time (even in biblical times, David played the harp to calm King Saul’s depression and rages). More recently, Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords’ family credits her getting her voice back after her gunshot in 2011 to music therapy.

While research on the neurological effects of music therapy is in its infancy, what is known is that a number of regions in the brain are activated by listening to music. Scientists say the brain responds to music by creating new pathways around damaged areas

A PBS report on music therapy cited a recent scientific paper out of Harvard that showed music therapy helped stroke patients regain speech. Other studies found music may improve heart and respiratory rates and blood pressure, as well as anxiety and pain in cancer and leukemia patients.

These studies are very exciting, especially in light of a new product that I have been using and testing for several weeks. I believe it will enhance your healing, especially if you use it with healing prayer and meditation, such as the Healing Codes procedure.

A talented composer from Australia name Elio Pagliarulo has created 12 pieces of beautiful instrumental music to go along with each of the 12 Healing Code categories. It comes with or without the 30-second prompts for changing hand positions, so it can be used with The Healing Code.

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