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The Problem with Mother’s Day

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The big problem with Mother’s Day is we idealize motherhood.

Some image of “great mom” lives in our heads and hearts, and on Mother’s Day that ideal comes out in sweetness and roses and a whole lot of sentimentality.

Try this little exercise: Take a moment to let images of “great mom” well up from your heart to your head. What do you see?

For me, a “great mom” is always nurturing, patient, kind, gives unstintingly to her family and the community. She is organized in the home, she can relax and have fun, she can relate to kids of any age. Her kids love to have their friends over because the home is so beautiful, serene, and fun.

Guess what? I don’t live up to anything in the image I just mentioned.

In fact, I can’t help but wonder: Read More→

Comments (11)

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