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Birth, Trauma–and YOUR Healing

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Every so often, a particular topic/theme/image comes up several times in one day, and I can’t help but pay attention.

One day recently it was babies, and birth. And it occurred to me that this is something that affects each one of us, because each of us was born and the before, during, and after birth experiences might be the very thing that blocks our healing.

Here’s why all this struck me.

First, in the morning I got a delightful email from a client in Denmark who just had a baby the week before. This woman had lost several pregnancies and really wanted to get pregnant. We did custom Healing Codes before she conceived, and all through the pregnancy. That morning she sent a photo of her new baby girl. She is absolutely gorgeous and perfect–one of the prettiest babies I’ve ever seen (aside from my own two, of course!). The mother says she’s already very sweet and settled–“a true Healing Codes baby!” You can actually FEEL this just by looking at the picture of this adorable baby girl.

Then, in working with two different clients that day, a birth trauma presented for each of them. On a podcast I heard, the speaker talked about what birth is, and how traumatic it probably is for most of us. I thought about how we can use The Healing Codes to clear such trauma.

Finally, a client sent me a document she wants to work through about praying for an unborn baby, to clear generational issues.

So you can see why the topic of birth and babies was on my mind that day

But why am I sharing this with you?

Because it is a good idea to do a Healing Code for any cellular memories from the time when you were in utero, and another one for your actual birth. I suggest doing Read More→

Comments (2)

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