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Relief for Chronic Pain

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MELT Feel Better Now

If you suffer from chronic pain, I want to update you on some information that will bring much relief. Perhaps even instant relief!

A few months ago I reviewed a product I and clients have been using for many months now, with fantastic results: the MELT Method, developed by Sue Hitzman.

MELT helped my headaches “melt” away.

More recently, I started seeing a physical therapist for some complications from an old surgery scar that apparently has affected all sorts of thing for me physically. (Who knew that scar tissue can cause digestive issues and back pain?) Well, the physical therapist says she can’t believe how well I’ve done given my condition. She affirms it must be the MELT that has made the difference, given the nature of the physical issue.

My clients who have been doing MELT also report great results. One person said her knees were really hurting her. After just one MELT foot treatment, she was able to walk across the room without any pain at all! (Read my full review here.)

Today I want to give you a heads up about two things: Sue Hitzman, creator of the MELT Method, will be on the Dr. Oz show tomorrow, March 18.

Here’s a link to videos of the first Dr. Oz show in which Sue appeared. Watch all 3 parts; she goes over some basic MELT techniques you can do right now, as well as some foods that reduce pain.

Finally, exciting news: the MELT DVD is now available! I have been waiting for this since getting the book, because frankly, it’s not been easy to figure out just from the book whether I’m doing the roller exercises correctly. While I’ve done some of the roller techniques, I haven’t tried all of them, and I know they will help me even further.

If you have any of the products, getting the roller and the new DVD will equip you to keep your body in tip-top shape for the rest of your life.

If you don’t, there’s a MELT Method Super Bundle that includes everything, for less than I paid for them separately.

I highly recommend MELT as the perfect complement to The Healing Codes. Healing Codes get rid of the stress from unhealed cellular memories. MELT gets rid of the stuck stress from daily movment. The two together are dynamite!


How to “Feel Good in Your Body”

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MELT Feel Better Now"I feel so good in my body!"

This is what people have reported to me after they do MELT, and I concur.

For me, it's a new feeling.

After doing just some of the MELT techniques for a couple of months, I feel better, enjoy more energy, and have seen some symptoms abate. I had begun to experience headaches and neck pain, no doubt from sitting at a computer all day. (Sitting, it turns out, is pretty hazardous to your health.) These symptoms are drastically improving the more I use this technique.

So it's time I told everyone about this method that I believe is a perfect complement to The Healing Codes.

It is called the MELT Method, developed by Sue Hitzman, in her book by that name. It is "a breakthrough self-treatment system to eliminate chronic pain, erase the signs of aging, and feel fantastic in just 10 minutes a day!"

OK, maybe that sounds too good to be true?

That's why I took a while to tell you about it. Even though I got immediate results the first (and every) time I did it, I wanted to read the book, give it time, hear from other people who have tried it. But the results are so wonderful, I had to tell you about it now.

So what does MELT do? Simply put, through some gentle techniques using special balls and/or a roller, it rehydrates the connective tissues in your body.

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