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Ever since I helped Dr. Alex Loyd get his book, The Healing Code, published, I have longed to see some real research studies done to prove the efficacy of this process.

I know it works. It healed a hole in my heart, has kept me afloat during various traumas and the “tsunami” of the past five years, and has helped thousands of my clients and subscribers to heal their “heart issues” and more.

But . . . I hadn’t seen any studies on it.

Well, now there are two.

Both studies were done at Payame Noor University in Iran, but each study targeted a different group.

One explored the efficacy of The Healing Codes on the emotional and physical well-being of women recovering from skin cancer. (The studies referred to The Healing Codes as “self-healing training,” which I think is a great description of what it is.) Read More→

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Are The Healing Codes “Woo-Woo”?

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Some people feel uncomfortable using something like The Healing Codes because they don't understand how this new healing mode works. How on earth can pointing your fingers to specific points on the body have anything to do with healing issues of the heart?

The Healing Code book explains it to some extent. The Healing Codes discovered by Dr. Alex Loyd in 2001 is a new healing technology that incorporates "energy medicine" which, as the book points out, has been predicted by the best scientific minds for decades. Almost a century, in fact.

It is a new healing technology as superior to our current technologies of drugs and surgery as a garage door opener is superior to having to open your garage door by hand. And in fact, it works on pretty much the same science: Read More→

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