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Notes from “The Truth about Cancer”

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"The Truth about Cancer" is full of eye-opening facts about cancer–everything from the history of cancer treatment (including shocking nefarious actions by Big Pharma), to innovative treatments, to inspiring testimonials and preventative measures anyone can do. Sign up and they'll send you a 34-page report on "22 Ways to Cancer-Proof Your Life Today" that goes into more depth on the points below.

Here are some quick notes on some of the measures anyone can take to stay healthy and prevent cancer. The series expounds on each of these.

1. Let food be your medicine. Eat the rainbow, concentrating on a variety of fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. In other words: what God made. Why take pharmaceuticals man has monkeyed with, when God has provided a whole pharmacy in nature?

2. Detox (through juices, herbs and spices), and reduce your toxic exposure as much as possible.

3. Balance your energy: keep it flowing freely. You do this through adequate sleep, exercise, meditation, prayer, and energy tools such as The Healing Codes.

4. Heal your emotional wounds. Again, prayer and Healing Codes are wonderful tools for this.

5. Take care of your teeth. Stay away from metal fillings, and if you do have them, consult a biological dentist for safe removal.

6. Use herbs, supplements, essential oils and vitamins–again, what God has provided to help our bodies heal themselves.

7. Practice true prevention. There are many safe ways to detect cancer early, such as thermography, certain blood tests that detect key hormones or enzymes.

The Truth about Cancer will air all the episodes between October 24-25. I'll post an update here as soon as it does, so if you're not already on my Healing Hearts Ecoaching Letter list, sign up here and you'll get the link as soon as it's ready.


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