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Triggers and Tuning Forks

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When something happens in your outer world, it can rock your inner world in unexpected ways.

That’s what we call “getting triggered.”

Anything can be a trigger, but certain events and times of the year can be triggers to many people.

We’ve certainly had plenty of big incidents over the past several years that can trigger all sorts of unhealed issues. Storms, for instance.  Violence all over the world. The pandemic. For anyone who had issues feeling safe growing up, the last several years probably triggered a whole host of traumas, beyond the actual current event.

I was working with a family who had experienced a car accident years before. When Superstorm Sandy hit their area in 2012, the suddenness of that event triggered memories of the accident, which made it even more difficult for the family to weather the actual storm. Read More→

Comments (4)

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