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How to Fully Forgive

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Dr. Alex Loyd's "Spiritual Law of Nature" Cutting Edge  message from 7/13/11 on unforgiveness was brilliant, and really got me to thinking.

He said that unforgiveness is one of the biggest things that can keep us stuck.

Furthermore, we may THINK we've forgiven, yet we really haven't.

The acid test of whether we truly have forgiven someone is whether we are able to 100% unconditionally accept the person. (Not the act, but the person.) If we cannot, we have not really forgiven.


By this test, I have had to revisit a person or two I thought I had forgiven. If I'm truly honest, I have not forgiven because I still do not accept them unconditionally.

One of my clients reminded me of something that may help you get to that place of  "unconditional acceptance of the one you're forgiving" (whether it's another person, yourself, or even God). Read More→

Comments (6)

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