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“Do The Healing Codes Heal ____?”

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This is probably the most-asked question people ask about The Healing Codes.

  • “Do The Healing Codes heal cancer?”
  • “Do The Healing Codes heal fibromyalgia?”
  • “Will The Healing Codes lower my blood pressure?”
  • “Can The Healing Codes heal MS?”

You fill in the blank.

Other variations of this question:

  • “How can The Healing Codes cure my hopelessness?”
  • “Does this work with people with ______ [ALS, depression, trauma, autoimmune disease¬† . . .)?”

AND . . .

“What stream of energy of ours do the codes access that they manage to shift blocks that impact such a wide range of issues?”

This time, just for fun, I answered all these questions–which ultimately boil down to, “How do The Healing Codes work?”–with a video. (Diane finally enters the video age, albeit kicking and screaming. . . .¬† Actually, it was kind of fun!)


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