Tapping Vs. Healing Codes–Which is Better?


10th Annual Tapping Summit-Rewire Your Brain for SuccessThe 10th Annual Tapping Summit has just started, and it brings to mind a question that many have asked me: How does tapping compare to The Healing Codes?

I wrote an article on this, but the short answer is: they are complementary, because they address different systems.

When some event in your current life “triggers” an unhealed albeit usually unconscious memory, a block comes up in your bio-energetic field, in the meridian system.

Tapping very quickly and easily removes that energy block, so you feel better. Tapping definitely can release negative energy, and is especially good for Highly Sensitive People (HSPs) who can so easily take on other people’s energy unwittingly. (I’m glad to see that some of the presenters will address this.)

Will the tapping provide a permanent fix?

To me, it all depends on whether you’re ever triggered again.

If you are, then you have to tap away the block again. And again. And again.

If you never get triggered again, you’re apt to say, “Wow–tapping healed me permanently!”

But I don’t think that’s true. And this is where The Healing Codes comes in.

The Healing Codes do not work on the meridian system at all.

What Healing Codes do is change the very frequency of the memory, negative image or belief.

It may take longer both to find the source memory, and for that memory to heal, but when it does–you will never get triggered again.

And you are likely to be healed of whatever that negative image, memory, or belief caused in your life, whether it’s a physical symptom, an emotional or relational issue, or a success block.

Tapping is a great adjunct to The Healing Codes, and I do it and recommend you also learn to do it. Do it AFTER doing your Healing Code, though, so that you can rate your issue before you get that temporary relief from tapping.

So attend the Tapping Summit, but keep in mind this perspective. It’s just my opinion, mind you, but it’s based on talking to lots of clients who have done both Healing Codes and tapping, on my own experience, and on the research I’ve done on both.

To find out more about The Healing Codes, visit my site at https://healingcodescoaching.com.

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