The Best Healing Music: Wholetones


I started using Wholetones some time ago because so many clients raved about it, but only more recently have I begun to use them when doing my Healing Codes.

What was I waiting for?!

What I’ve found is that Wholetones causes shifts in my issue much quicker than before—often, a significant shift happens daily! I am totally hooked on Wholetones and recommend them.

So what are Wholetones?

Wholetones: The Healing Frequency Music Project  was created by Michael Tyrell, an accomplished author, speaker, and well-known musician. He began developing it after he met a piano player in Israel who gave him what appeared to be a simple manuscript. Inside that manuscript was the music that would change Michael’s life forever. As he began working with it, he discovered seven hidden musical frequencies that had the power to heal the mind, body, and spirit.

This is what makes Wholetones unlike anything else of its kind. Since its release in November, 2014, thousands of people are feeling better than they have in years and they’ve flooded Michael with letters to say Wholetones is the reason.

These 7 unique “Musical Tones” are found to:

  • relieve stress
  • promote healing
  • break negative cycles
  • and restore sound sleep . . . in minutes! (22 minutes, 22 seconds per song, to be exact)
There are 7 CDs in the Wholetones: The Healing Frequency Music Project, and I can’t tell you which is my favorite. I have even taken to having it playing in the background, because it’s been reported that having those frequencies playing in the background reaches the body’s DNA for repair.
And you know how I’ve been harping on you about sleep? Well, a client of mine called me excitedly to tell me how much the Wholetones2Sleep music has helped her sleep since she got it.
I’m finding the more I listen to Wholetones, the more I like it. Sometimes it’s as if my body craves the healing frequencies. I highly recommend these albums!
And if you’d like a custom Healing Code to do, and for me to test which Wholetones music would go best with it, head on over to to order.
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