The Healing Power of Sound


“‘Binaural beats’ ease stress–and help protect your health,” reads the blurb in a newsletter I find reputable, Bottom Line Health. Dr. Jeffrey D.Thompson, a chiropractic physician and the founder and director of the Center for Neurocoustic Research in Carlsbad, California affirms what Dr. Alex Loyd teaches about The Healing Codes: that “stress is often at the root of health problems ranging from headaches and heart disease to depression and diabetes.” Dr. Thompson says that “listening to therapeutic sound often works better than many commonly used stress-fighting techniques.”

Scientific Proof?

The article stated that a number of studies have found that binaural beats–a technology that synchronizes brain waves with an externally introduced sound that pulses at a particular frequency—has therapeutic effects. (Binaural beats are an intrinsic part of The Immune System Master Key, by the way.) The article cites the following benefits:

  • Deeper sleep. A 2014 German study found that 15 people who listened to binaural beats during sleep had deeper sleep, felt more refreshed when they woke up and had less sleepiness during the day.
  • Less anxiety. A study of 108 people about to have surgery showed a 26% reduction in anxiety from listening to binaural beats–more than twice as much as the anxiety reduction in people who listened to the same music without binaural beats.
  • Better focus and mood. Duke University Medical Center did a study of 29 people and found that those who listened to binaural beats developed more focus (and a better mood) than those who did not.
  • More creativity. A study published in Frontiers in Human Neuroscience reported that 24 people listening to binaural beats had an improvement in “divergent thinking”–the ability to come up with creative ideas.

Why Do Binaural Beats Work?

Binaural beats interrupt the stress cycle in the brain. Dr. Thompson explained that it’s our response to stress that’s the problem. When you’re “stressed out,” it wreaks havoc on your brain. Brain waves, which can be measured in frequency (Hertz or Hz), become agitated by chronic stress. Your brain frequency gets into “beta brain waves” when stressed, angry or fearful (which can be unconscious, due to unhealed memories).

Other brain wave states are:

  • alpha, from 8-12Hz; calming, activated when you’re quietly alert
  • theta, from 3-8HZ; occur during creative “aha!’ moments, or when daydreaming or dreaming at night. Interestingly, these brain waves can also be dominant when you’re emotionally upset, tearful, or being abused.
  • delta, 0.5-3Hz; occurs during deep, dreamless sleep.

Dr. Thompson says that binaural beats effectively synchronize the brain with any new, prominent frequency that is introduced, such as calming, restful alpha waves.

This excited me because that’s exactly what The Immune System Master Key does. You listen to binaural beats over other frequencies that induce either alpha or theta brain wave states. There’s actually a lot more you get with the Master Key (such as the 528 frequency of love, healing words, videos that provide visuals to those words, and more). But I want to report here on just how the binaural beats produce all the beneficial effects listed above.

When you listen to something with binaural beats built in, such as The Master Key, one frequency is introduced to the left hemisphere of the brain (via the right ear), and another one to the right hemisphere (via the left ear). With this binaural effect, the brain is tricked into “hearing” a phantom third beat that is the difference between the two frequencies.

Then your brain automatically synchronizes with and focuses on the frequency of that phantom beat. If the frequency is the same as a desired state, Dr. Thompson says, your stress is relieved within a few minutes.

Retrain Your Nervous System

With The Master Key, you have the binaural beats and the desired state frequencies (alpha or theta) already built in. Dr. Thompson says, “By listening regularly to those calming sounds, you can retrain your nervous system–that is, from a chronic fight-or-flight response to an adaptive state of calmness and a greater ability to handle stress in a positive manner.”

He suggests listening to such sounds 20-30 minutes daily “when trying to address specific issues, such as poor sleep, anxiety or stress” … which is exactly what I and many of my clients do when using the Master Key with Healing Codes.

I have been using the Master Key along with Healing Codes for more than 4 years at this writing. Three years ago, my doctor did a Heart Rate Variability Test on me. One of the things the HRV tests is the balance between the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system. Three years ago, this balance showed in the “good” category (4 out o f5). Last year, my doctor did another HRV. After 2 more years of this practice, even though I’m 2 years older, my autonomic nervous system showed perfectly balanced, and all the other categories were 5’s out of 5 as well!

How much does doing the Master Key with Healing Codes influence these test results? I don’t know for sure. I do other things, such as take certain supplements, exercise, and do the MELT Method regularly. All I know is that my scores on these tests show I’m in good health, I enjoy doing the Master Key with Healing, Relationship and Success Codes (depending on what I’m addressing), and scientific research from people like Dr. Thompson backs up the validity of the practice.

For my candid review of The Master Key, go to www.masterkeyinfo.com. There you will also find out how to get my bonus on how to do The Master Key with any Healing/Relationship/Success or custom code–or the Q Codes. To read more about the Master Key from The Healing Codes web page, go here. I suggest you try it. My clients who have report good results. Several moms use it with their children and the children really like it. One mom told me that she uses it when her children go to sleep or take naps. They remind her if she forgets!

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