The Hidden Danger of Doing Healing Codes


If you do Healing Codes, why do you do them?

Obviously, you want to heal something in your life. Have you ever stopped to ask what is the underlying belief that motivates you to do The Healing Codes (or any other self-help practice, for that matter)?

Often, it’s the belief that “there’s something wrong with me that needs fixing.”

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Now, this is a tricky thing. Because if there weren’t something “wrong,” you wouldn’t feel any need to take action, right?

However, there are two little words in that statement that may actually be a subtle lie that could block you from complete healing.

Can you guess what those words are?

How about “with me”?

See, saying there’s something wrong “with me” is too global. It is shame-based.

What if you changed it to, “There’s something wrong here that needs fixing?”

Do you see how that limits it to some specific thing that you can address?

And what about the word “fixing”? That implies that something is broken. “Broken” is a more mechanical term.

What if we changed “fixing” to “healing”?

There’s something wrong here that needs healing.

Words matter. How we frame an issue shapes how we address it.

Healing is a more organic word than fixing. It goes back to what I’ve mentioned many times before: how you view yourself, especially your body.

Are you like a car that will inevitably fall apart as you age, or are you more like a plant that revives and thrives when given the right conditions?

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As far as I can tell from the Creation story, God didn’t create any machines. Humans invented machines. Machines are useful. But human beings were put in a garden. Adam and Eve had everything they needed to thrive. They turned from God, and therein was the real brokenness.

And we can’t fix that ourselves. Thankfully, God has already fixed it for us. Coming to God for healing, for restoration of God’s original intention—that is where the real healing happens. God provides the ideal conditions for us to heal and thrive.

Perhaps there is something broken after all. It’s not you, but a relationship.

We were created relational beings. We need to be rightly connected to God, ourselves, and other people (and, perhaps, creation, of which are bodies are a part).

So maybe it’s your relationship with God that is broken. That is our most crucial and primary relationship, and it can be restored. You were created in God’s image, and need restoration to that image, which God provides in His Son, Jesus Christ, the only perfect human being and God himself. He graciously exchanges our imperfection for his perfection (i.e. completeness, wholeness), if we would but accept it.

If your relationship with God has already been restored, and you still need healing, maybe you don’t need to be fixed or even healed, so much as to be made complete.

We become complete only in God.

Disease and dysfunction are aberrations of God’s original intentions. Since Jesus died, rose again, and sits at the right hand of God, a complete human being in the Godhead(!), disease and dysfunction are in the process of being reversed. “Behold, I am making all things new” are some of the last recorded words of Jesus in the New Testament (Revelation 21).

“Making all things new”–that is His self-appointed job description.

So maybe the best attitude to motivate you when doing Healing Codes is, “There’s something old and useless at best, destructive at worst, that God wants to make new, and I choose to cooperate with that now.”

How does that feel to your soul and spirit?

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(Aside: I know I’m getting theological here, but to me, theology is hugely practical. My whole Align with Your Divine Design[TM] program is all about bringing the Truth into our everyday life, so that it makes a difference in how we live, how we experience life, and how we heal. If you feel ready for this, fill out a Clarity Questionnaire here.) 

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