The Inspiring Story Behind The Healing Code Book


Every Labor Day weekend it hits me: If what happened on that weekend in 2007 hadn’t happened . . .

  • you wouldn’t be reading this blog.

  • The Healing Code book might never have been published.

  • you and thousands, perhaps millions of others might never have heard of The Healing Codes.

  • and thousands and thousands of people may not have been healed.

What transpired on the Saturday of Labor Day weekend, 2007 set off a chain reaction that led to all these things . . . and more.

It showed me how seemingly terrible incidents can lead to much good.

So what happened back in 2007 on the Saturday of Labor Day weekend?

I had a TIA (mini-stroke).

I had been doing The Healing Codes (from the original Healing Codes Manual, which was all there was at the time) for 3 months.

Then I had the TIA.

We had just eaten supper, and I got up from the table. Suddenly, my right side got very weak. I tried to tell my husband, “I think I’m having a stroke” but it came out all slow and slurred.

We hopped in the car (the hospital was about 4 minutes from my house), and went to the Emergency Room.

By the time we entered the hospital, I was pretty much OK. I could talk and move normally. I remember not being afraid at all. When I was left alone for a few minutes, I started doing Healing Codes and praying.

Well, the doctors ran all the tests, concluded I had had a mini-stroke due to a PFO (hole in the heart), and eventually, after 3 days, asked if I would be willing to be enrolled in a clinical trial to insert a device to basically plug up the hole. “You’re a perfect candidate for this study,” they said. I would either be in the control group (medication), or device group.

I said yes, and for the next four months, until January 2008, I did Healing Codes to heal the “heart issues.” I prayed to be put in the “device” group and I was.

Somehow in all that time, I wasn’t concerned about my physical health. I just kept doing Healing Codes to heal my heart issues.

When I came to after the procedure, I asked my husband what happened. “Nothing,” he said. “When they got in there to insert the device, they found the hole had practically closed up. So you were booted out of the study.”

At my follow-up visit with Dr. McKeever, the head of the Heart Hospital, he didn’t know what to say. He just shrugged and said, “I’ve only heard of 3 or 4 spontaneous closings of a PFO in my entire career.” (He looked like he was around retirement age.)

My medical doctor called it a miracle and bought The Healing Codes package. At the time all that was available was the $695 product.

Thinking it was pretty remarkable that when I healed my figurative “hole in the heart,” my literal PFO healed, I contacted Dr. Alex Loyd who of course had discovered The Healing Codes. We talked, and when he found out that I was (at that time) an author, editor, and publishing coach, he said, “I’ve had a manuscript about The Healing Code I’ve been trying to get published for 6 years. Can you help me?”

The rest is history, as they say.

Reportedly, more than 1 million copies of The Healing Code have sold worldwide, and it’s been translated into 29 languages.

I want you to really ponder this: out of one seemingly unfortunate incident—my TIA—a cascade of events followed that ended in 1 million books sold worldwide, and countless people helped to heal their heart issues.

Not to mention that I personally found a “calling” I had no idea I’m gifted for: to be a channel for healing. I can see how everything that I ever learned in my life contributes in some way to what I’m doing now.

Not to mention that I had been burned out on publishing and needed a new direction anyway. (God knew, and tailor-made a “job” just for me.)

We never know what may come of anything that happens to us. The important thing is to heal our heart issues so we can be aligned with God’s perfect, amazing plans for us (and the world).

That is my calling. That is your calling too. We don’t have to be perfect, we just have to be “becoming healed” and aligned.

It’s all a process, and if I can help you with that process, I’d be honored to. Check out my packages at HealingCodesCoaching.

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