The Most Important Memories to Heal


I had visited this memory many times.

I thought I’d healed it, but it keeps popping up.

Each time, I realize there’s some new aspect of it that’s being healed.

There are several memories like this that pop up again and again to heal.

When such a memory is a very early childhood memory, I tend to think of it as foundational. These memories lay the foundation upon which so much of the rest of our life is built.

A foundational memory is like the initial fractal pattern that gets iterated in different ways as we progress through life. (Fractals are patterns that are programmed to “repeat themselves similarly.”)

The difficult thing is such foundational or fractal memories can be very hard to access. They are often buried in the subconscious mind. Sometimes they’re the results of what you didn’t get–the lack of nurturing that’s thought of as Type A Trauma or Childhood Emotional Neglect, which is every bit as damaging as more obvious abuse.

Foundational/fractal memories can also be generational. We now know, from numerous studies, that traumas in one generation can be passed down to the next. For instance,  the babies of mice who were exposed to the scent of cherry blossoms and then given a shock, will show a stress response in the presence of cherry blossom scent–even though the babies themselves were never shocked.

How can this be? No one knows for sure yet. My theory is that the memory gets encoded in some kind of “informational energy pattern” in the cells itself, and is passed down through the DNA.

So how do you find hidden, foundational memories to

heal them?

One clue is to look for bodily symptoms. As Dr. Bessel Van der Kolk famously entitled his book, The Body Keeps the Score, your body and brain have stored every experience you ever had, probably in that informational energy pattern in every cell. (I can find these memories through energy testings as well.)

I’ve written before about a foundational/fractal memory when I was one week old and was hospitalized, had abdominal surgery done, then burst my stitches and got pneumonia.

I was one sick baby, but somehow I survived.

The one physical symptom I’ve had throughout life is digestive issues. When I connect with my heart I somehow know that the overwhelm I’ve struggled with all my life stems from this memory. The lack of bonding with my mom for the first 6 weeks of my life when we were separated is probably the basis of much of the emptiness I felt much of my life, before I began my healing journey.

Such foundational/fractal memories chart the emotional landscape we’ll inhabit the rest of our lives, unless and until we become aware enough to embark on a healing journey for new frontiers.

And I assure you, those new frontiers exist! Though I may be working on this “infant hospital memory” for the rest of my life as new aspects arise, the healing I’ve already experienced is wonderful. I have a wonderful life, but it really started to turn around internally when I began my healing journey.

I left the old landscape of loneliness, overwhelm, and emptiness for a new, wonderful place where there are green pastures and still waters. I’m led there by my Good Shepherd who leads me in the paths that are right for me.

I may still have a ways to go before I experience full physical healing and get to the destination the Good Shepherd has in mind, but I like the journey and find plenty of pleasures at his right hand. When I find I’ve still carried along some of the old relics from the former landscape, the Good Shepherd invites me to unload it or toss it in the lake.

It’s a journey well worth taking.

If you’d like a companion to help you chart your healing journey, check out There’s plenty of free “virtual companion” help, and you can of course also get some personal or group coaching for live help.



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