The Problem with Mother’s Day


The big problem with Mother’s Day is we idealize motherhood.

Some image of “great mom” lives in our heads and hearts, and on Mother’s Day that ideal comes out in sweetness and roses and a whole lot of sentimentality.

Try this little exercise: Take a moment to let images of “great mom” well up from your heart to your head. What do you see?

For me, a “great mom” is always nurturing, patient, kind, gives unstintingly to her family and the community. She is organized in the home, she can relax and have fun, she can relate to kids of any age. Her kids love to have their friends over because the home is so beautiful, serene, and fun.

Guess what? I don’t live up to anything in the image I just mentioned.

In fact, I can’t help but wonder: Do we harbor images that are exactly what we are not (or what our own moms were not)? Everything I mentioned above is just what I’m not. Yet somehow, I’ve enthroned this ideal that is the opposite of what I am.

Thus, in a part of my heart, I’m a failure as a mom. (So is my own mother.)

So how did you stack up? Do you, or your wife, or your mom, or your daughter or daughter-in-law live up to the ideal that silently reigns in your heart?

What happens when such an image lives in your heart?

She is not a kind queen, this Ideal Mother image. She reminds you, often daily, that you don’t live up to her. Unconsciously, you’re always  comparing yourself to that image. Or you compare those other people–wife, mom, daughter, daughter-in-law–to that image.

We all fall short. Hence, guilt, depression, disappointment,shame, bitterness take root. Stress signals broadcast to our cells, they slowly shut down, and eventually, physical or emotional problems surface.

What’s the answer?

Change the pictures.


By applying forgiveness, faith, and grace.

It starts with forgiveness. You may need to forgive yourself for not being the mom you hoped you’d be. You may have to forgive your own mother.

Sometimes we don’t want to forgive because we think it means acting as if there’s nothing to forgive. It’s not pretending the truth is not the truth. The truth is, I have not given my children the attention I could have. I’ve lost my temper and said things I shouldn’t have. I have to forgive myself, and so do my children.

Forgiveness is acknowledging the truth, and then letting go of the need to retaliate. It is giving up the grudge.

Here’s where faith comes in.

A client shared a wonderful aspect to forgiveness. He said it’s about entrusting the situation and person to God, believing that God will act in exactly the right way toward the person and us. He will make it up to us as only he can, and deal with the person who wronged us in just the right measure of mercy and justice. He alone can punish fairly, change the person’s heart, heal the wounds that caused the person to act the way she did.

When you let go of your need for revenge or justice, you allow God to step in with the perfect solution. You are free, and the person is on the hook with God, not with you.

So forgiveness is about giving it up to God to take care of.

Finally, there’s the grace aspect. Grace is able to have compassion (again, on self or others), understanding that the person acted out of the pain of their own heart issues.

So this Mother’s Day, change the picture on your ideal. Forgive, trust, and exchange bitterness for grace.

Have a Happy Mother’s Day.

If you need a little help with forgiveness and letting go, I’d suggest using The Healing Code. If you’d like a custom healing code for yourself or a loved one, check out my custom coding packages.

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Very nice!!!  How true.


Have a great 2012 mother´s day Diane.

Treasure Ochojila

Thanks Diane,will surely make amends.This is tough though but it's true.
Happy Mother's Day Diane!


We hold images that are not real.  Rather than letting go of what holds us back so those images can be real we just hold onto both the image and our own reality and feel more and more like a failure.  That can change! 
Good blog

Francis Harvey DavidsHad

Thank you for the lovely article on Moter's Day.  I only have wonderful toughts of my mother.
At   age 12  my mother sat me down one day and told me what a great boy I was and  that some day I would make a excellent business man.  You can imagine what a tremendous impact that statement had on me.  The next year she died; bur I shall always remember loving interest in my future. 

Erica Vollgraaff

Really an lovely thought and approach to Mother's Day.   Loved it!


I congratulate you Diane in your day, although mother´s day should be everyday… a mother must be treated kindly out of respect and thankfulness all the time of our lives.  If anybody feels with the right to demand from her a perfect conduct, he or she is completely unconscious of his own imperfection.  None of us is the ideal example of the impeccable being, we are only human and so are our mothers… as Jesus said;  ¨ He who hasn´t sinned (alluding to perfection), can throw the first stone… and none of us can, (if we are honest with ourselves)… Read more »

Sandra Peterson

Thank you so much for your artical on "Forgiveness" . GOD knows what we need.
It's up to us to Obey.
Again thank you & GOD bless your Mothers Day.

Jo Ann Meadows Matejczyk

Hi Dianne – thanks for this; I like your depth on the issue of forgiveness. I did pay you through paypal (a long time ago) the $20 (or $25.00?) for a healing code for a relationship with our daughter.  I'm in no hurry but I wanted to remind you that I did do what was required of me.  Have a Happy Mother's Day – I really like your thoughts on motherhood and forgiveness.  We've both struggled with this issue, I know.  You've grown, and so have I.  Phil gave me a half dozen beautiful red roses with lillies amongst them,… Read more »

Rita Schilling, ASC

Diane, I really enjoyed reading your article.  You can tell you come from a "realistic mode" …having listened to so may life stories and knowing what the human condition is like
.Thank you for sharing your insights for Mother's Day !

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