The Two (Amazing) Extremes of Healing


Healing can happen slowly, over a long period of time.

Or it can happen suddenly.

Two true life stories illustrate.

First, there's Vinny.

Back in July 2010, Vinny's grandmother got in touch with me about her grandson, who was 9 at the time. Vinny had an inoperable tumor on his brain stem. It was benign, but still very dangerous.

I began getting custom Healing Codes for Vinny then. I also reached out to this community to ask other people who felt led, to pray and do Vinny's Healing Codes for him.

The full story is here.

I knew I was taking a risk putting the story and updates out there. What if Vinny's tumor got worse, not better with The Healing Codes? What if it all failed?

Yet, I decided to take the risk. I knew The Healing Codes work, and I wanted to give this boy the best chance by inviting others to participate in his healing. I guess I had faith.

Vinny underwent many rounds of chemotherapy. He had to wear a leg brace and big boots to bed, because of potential nerve damage from the chemo. He had to endure a lot, but through it all, he kept a great attitude.

Through all the months of his treatments, he did remarkably well with the side effects of the chemo. (We included in the prayer of intention to heal "any negative effects of his treatments.")

MRIs done during his treatments showed new developments: cysts, which were a concern to the doctors. One of the ventricles closed up, so a shunt was put in to drain fluid.

Vinny recently finished his final round of chemotherapy, and had the MRI we were all waiting for.

Results: the tumor is nearly nonexistent, the cysts are gone, and the ventricle had opened up and is normal!

Doctors were very pleased. Of course, they believe it was the chemotherapy. We have no way of proving how much The Healing Codes contributed, but remarks were made by a nurse that they had never gotten this good a result from this treatment ever before.

We, of course, believe The Healing Codes were a major factor in Vinny's healing and in having so few negative side effects, as well as having such a cheerful attitude throughout.

For those of you who participated in this healing, the family thanks you from the bottom of their hearts. So do I.

Vinny's story is one of perseverance. His family and many dear readers of this blog kept doing the Codes for Vinny, for nearly two years. He seemed to be doing well all along, but the MRIs prove that all approaches worked.

I'd like to tell you about another unusual healing, that I experienced two weeks ago.

I caught a bad cold on a Tuesday. Rare for me, especially because I was using Cold Eaze, which usually prevents colds for me. But this time it finally got me.

I had the full-blown stuffy nose, coughing, sneezing, and feeling miserable. I was just getting worse.

That Friday morning, literally in the middle of doing my Healing Code, suddenly–and I mean SUDDENLY–all the symptoms vanished!

I'd never had such a sudden healing, ever. My nose wasn't stuffy anymore, no coughing or sneezing. I felt just FINE.

I could tell the virus was still in my body, I just didn't have any major symptoms.

So here we have the two extremes of Healing Code healings. Most healing falls between these two extremes.

With Vinny, healing came with steady progress through perseverance, until the tumor and cysts were gone and the ventricle opened.

With me, the nasty symptoms went away very suddenly, even though my body probably is still fighting the virus. The Healing Code just took away the feeling bad part of the virus.

That, too, is the kind of healing you get with The Healing Codes. Sometimes you may still have "the problem," but if you don't feel bad, is there really a problem? (For instance, so far I've not been healed of my gluten intolerance. But it does not bother me at all to eat gluten-free. I know I'm healthier and thinner because of it.) Sometimes healing comes through a change in perspective, even if the outward circumstances don't change.

I praise God from whom all healing flows for Vinny's healing, and mine. Prayer is what does it, but The Healing Codes put prayer on steroids!

Thanks again for standing with Vinny and his family, and never, never, never, ever give up!

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