Touchstones to Alignment


Earlier this week I participate in a 3-day retreat. It was all about what we want to let go of, so we can let in what I would call my Clear Next Steps.

The timing was perfect, as just a few days before I had done something decisive to finally, truly end my part of being co-executor for my mother’s estate. So one thing I was letting go of at the retreat was all the stress and trauma and dysfunctional family patterns that so clearly came to light over the past year. Doing so gave me new energy to let in the new directions I feel led to explore. (More on that soon—stay tuned!)

Manifesto Written Under Red Torn Paper

One of the exercises was to write our own personal “manifesto.”

The retreat leader defined a manifesto as “a written statement declaring publicly the intentions, motives, or views of its issuer.” Unlike a vision statement, a manifesto is a call to action. It ignites, motivates and supports you in your vision, and to create goals, focus, and purpose.

A manifesto can also show the world how you want to contribute to the future you want to see, she said.

We were supposed to “throw ourselves a creative party” and create our manifesto. However, that day I was tired and a bit out of sorts, in no mood for a party.

So I put my fingers to keyboard to see what would spring forth. In 15 minutes, I had my manifesto.

It just flowed. No fancy artwork—I can barely draw a stick figure. (Two of the retreat exercises that day involved drawing, which raised all my old anxiety about having to “produce art.” I’m creative, but I really can’t draw. That’s probably why I felt out of sorts.)

The “manifesto” I produced felt totally right. The most “artistic” I got was to choose a different font.

I prefer to think of my manifesto as a “Touchstone to Alignment.” I read it every day now, and it centers and aligns me to what I feel called to do in the world—my divine design.

If you would like to read my “Touchstone to Alignment,” go here.

Maybe you’ll be inspired to create your own Touchstone to Alignment. Focus on your deepest values, beliefs, sense of purpose. Make it as creative or as simple as you like.

I’m finding it’s a beautiful way to cut through the chatter and clutter of this turbulent time to keep me Aligned with my divine design, centered in peace, joy and purpose.

If you would like personalized help in healing any “heart issue,” check out my coaching.





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