Truth about Cancer Ultimate Live Symposium–One More Chance!

I‘m so excited that you (and I) will get a FINAL chance to watch the Ultimate Live Symposium in which 40 of the top alternative health experts will be freely sharing their expertise.
Yes, The Truth About Cancer is going to be live streaming their “Ultimate Live Symposium” event over Thanksgiving weekend and you can watch the whole thing for FREE here.
This is powerful stuff.
If you want the latest information about how to prevent Cancer and other chronic illness and disease, you need to check this out.
Here’s why…
  • Want to know how to prevent cancer naturally, without pharmaceutical drugs and medications, from Dr. Josh Axe? Check.
  • Want to know the ideal Anti-Cancer diet, from Dr. Joe Mercola? Check.
  • Want to know the NEW way to detect Breast Cancer early without mammograms or harmful radiation, from Dr. Galina Migalko? Check.
  • Want to know what to do FIRST if you (or someone you love) is ever diagnosed with Cancer, from Dr. Ben Johnson? Check.
  • Want to know the chemical compounds found in nature that shrink tumors fast, from Dr. David Jockers? Check.
  • Want to know the future of non-toxic Cancer reversing therapies, from Dr. Tony Jimenez? Check.
  • Want to know how to tell if all your vitamins and supplements are actually working (or if they’re just becoming expensive urine?), from Dr. Daniel Nuzum and Jordan Rubin? Check.
  • Want to know the hidden connection between vaccines and Cancer, from Dr. Sherri Tenpenny? Check.
  • Want to know about the single most deadly toxin showing up in our food supply now that’s slowly poisoning nearly the entire world (and how to avoid it), from researcher Mike Adams? Check.

I could go on, but you get the picture.

It’s pretty much everything you ever wanted to know about staying healthy in a toxic world, and fighting and preventing cancer and other chronic diseases, packed into one weekend.

Go here to register and you can watch the whole thing for FREE.

Do it now, and please, mark your calendar for Nov. 25-27 to watch as much as you can.

I watched many of the presentations when they aired live, and then the replay weekend, and made many adjustments to my life for the better. But there’s so much here, I ordered the recordings and plan on going over them again and again.

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