Vinny Update: “What Amazed the Neurosurgeon”


Perhaps you’ve followed the story of Vinny, the boy whose grandmother came to me in July 2011 to get custom Healing Codes for the inoperable benign tumor on his brain stem.

Not only did I get custom Healing Codes for Diane to do for Vinny. For some reason I felt led to post his plight on this blog, and ask people to join in to pray for him and do his Codes if they chose. (The story as it unfolded can be found here. Throughout his treatment, Vinny did very well with the chemotherapy. Almost no side effects, and never missed school except for the treatments themselves!)

I have no idea how many people participated in doing Vinny’s custom Healing Codes. (If you did, I’d love for you to post a comment below.) But after nearly 18 months of Diane and others doing Vinny’s custom Healing Codes, Vinny’s chemotherapy treatments were ended. The tumor and the cysts were gone, as of February 2013.

Last week, another MRI was taken, and an amazing new development emerged. Here is his grandmother’s 2-minute report on what the doctor said:

Diane and Vinny’s whole family want to thank all those who participated in this wonderful healing. Diane added after she made the recording, “Tell everyone never, ever to give up!”


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  2. Lisa Schneider says:

    I did codes for Vinney off and on and followed the story.  I am just now seeing/hearing about the final results!  So happy to have participated.

  3. janice says:

    Wonderful, wonderful,wonderful, did his grandmother do the custom code directly on Vinny or did she give it remotely?

  4. Karen Carlisle says:

    Hi Diane,
    I have been with Vinny from the beginning and started doing the code on his behalf  but found I was unable to fit the codes successfully into my life, they took up too much time and I used to forget to do them so quite early on I changed to prayer including Vinny and Jake with all my friends and family as well as everyone on earth. As I read your reports I was amazed it took so long to cure him with all these people working on his behalf. Then you said the family were having difficulties so I included them. I have continued to this day and it is wonderful to hear such good news, however small a part I played in this miracle I'm so glad I didn't give up.
    love Karen

  5. h.k.chandrashekhar says:

    i was doing till feb 2013 all most every day since diane gave a code for forgivenness long back.

  6. Mary says:

     Hi to Vinny and Family,
    This is amazing news!  Absolutely Wonderful!
    We have been doing the Codes for Vinny since Diane's first posting for Vinny.
    Again, we thank God through Alex and Diane for Vinny's stunning recovery.
    God Bless to Vinny and his wonderful family.
    It is mraculous to play such a small part in Vinny's recovery.
    As Diane says "Never give up!"
    God Bless everyone who participated.
    Mary and Susie

  7. Neil Campbell says:

    Great news. God Bless you Diane.

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