Vonnie’s Miracle


Vonnie, a pianist and one of my clients, shared with me an incredible true story that happened to her the week before Christmas. I thought it was perfect for the holiday season. After all, this is a time when we reflect on the miracles in the Christmas and Hanukkah stories.

For years I have almost been crippled with this stabbing sensation of fear just before going on stage to perform. Even though the concerts with my group usually went well, I was a complete wreck inside before and all during the performances. No one ever had a clue how much I was suffering & would often tell me I appeared completely professional on stage. 

A couple of weeks ago, I had been working on the custom Healing Code Diane gave me for the fear of making mistakes in a performance. I had not had a lot of time for practicing for this particular performance and was quite stressed about it, but the night of, by some miracle (thank you God through the Healing Codes), I actually felt calm and prepared.

However, I was not prepared for what happened at the end of the concert.

As I usually do, I had brought a light from home to attach to the piano so that I could read the music. A couple of measures into the last number, there was a loud boom and the building went completely pitch black—except for my tiny light over the piano. Believe me I was thanking God sooo much, as it would have been impossible for me to continue playing with the chorus as they kept singing. I did not know this piece by memory.

Eventually, after the number was over, the lights came back on. I later learned that a transformer had blown.  The stage manager came over to my side of the stage to check out all the wiring. I told him I was so thankful that my light stayed on when the building went dark. He asked what I meant. I told him again. He said that was impossible. I asked why and his response was that my light was on the same circuit as all the other lights in the building.  He also showed me that the outlet my light was plugged into was not a battery operated outlet. 

I cried out with JOY—it was GOD!!!!  It was the power of GOD that kept my light on as I played that last piece!!!  I’ve never had anything quite like that occur in my entire life. It was like God was showing me He was and is my ultimate power source, even in the midst of something that might seem so insignificant to others—a school concert performance!  I cried happy tears all the way home that night!

Thanks, Vonnie! What a reminder that the Light that broke into the world 2000 years ago still shines today for each of us. What might happen when that Light breaks through your "bamboo" (heart issues)?

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Thanks for sharing.
The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. He manifests Himself-He is always there!!!
The Great I AM – The self existing ONE, I AM who I AM or I will BE  who I will be or I CAN cause things to be even if they are not yet, or I CAN intervene at the right time to glorify My Name – even if it means sustaining the Light that Voonie brought from home.
I pray that we will posture ourselves to experience Him anewt.
I rejoice with Vonnie in that experience!!!

Pastor Bob Burns

Our Lord has so, so much More for us.  Seek our His Plan.  Read what happens and it should not be surprising!

Sheila LyonHall

Diane …  I love it when someone introduces a term I'm not familiar with.  I quickly find and happily gobble up the new information.  Such was the case in your response to my recount of the Hanukkah story.  You used the term "Intertestament" times.  I was not familiar with that term so I scurried away to find answers.  I am finding the literature surrounding "Inter-testament" times … exhilarating.  Thank you, Diane.  Shalom!

elizabeth samudio

I love this story. 
My heart sings happy songs of pure baby love coming to us in this commercial world. 
Even though we are forced to file bankruptcy,  losing our home, and all our worker that worked for my husband and I have left. I  have more peace this year since the Lord has been using diane to bring healing in so many area, especially freedom from paralyzing, tormenting fear.  Thank you God and all those who are part of my healing. 
I know and trust provision is coming (FYI)

Sheila LyonHall

Diane … I love Vonnie’s story about the miracle of her "performance light" working in the absence of a “natural” power source.  This reminds me of the story of Hanukkah, the Jewish Festival of Lights.  The Hanukkah story began with great sadness in 168 BCE when Jerusalem was captured by the Syrian-Greek army; the Temple was defiled and then dedicated to the Greek god Zeus.  Emperor Antiochus ordered all Jews to worship the Greek gods and made the practice of Judaism a crime punishable by death.  The Jewish resistance, known as The Maccabees, was ignited by the High Priest Mattathias… Read more »

Laura Rodriguez

What an inspirational story!  Thanks so much for sharing!



pamela Mccrea

What a wonderful instance of God's care for His children in all situations. What a wonderful Saviour we have and soooooooo good to be reminded of Him at a season when His birth is so often over taken by secular "things". Pamela


Dear Diane,Blessings and Abundance for Christmas and the coming New Year to You and your Family.Amazing Spiritual Healing shows one of GOD's GRACE!   YOU KEEP THE TORCH SHINING!

Meg McChesney

ABSOLUTELY TERRIFIC!!!!   Thank you both for this Christmas gift and reminder of what is available to all.  mlm

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