What Gives You a “Click in Your Spirit”?


I’ve been writing lately about aligning yourself with God’s dream for your life. As I work with clients to do this, we are finding God gladly is leading the way. It’s been practically miraculous.

God apparently is more interested in connecting us with his dream than we are. How encouraging is that!?

As I reflect on this for my own life, I can remember times that were key turning points for me. Times when I got what feels like a “click in my spirit.”

Could that click be my spirit aligning with God’s Spirit and dream for my life? You know, when something seems to fall into place, and just feel right, down to your very toes?

Seems so, as I look back.

When my father told me, when I was young, “If you love reading, you will never be bored,” I realize now there was a click in my spirit. I’ve been a reader ever since, and I’m never bored.

When an elderly friend once said, “Cultivate a lot of interests when you’re young, and when you’re old, you will have that to fall back on,” that clicked in my spirit as being a word of wisdom. I have lots of interests and trust they will help me continue to connect with life as I age.

When I fell in love with publishing in college, it was another click. Even though people told me “it’s impossible to break into publishing,” that is what I wanted to do and I knew somehow it would happen. And you know what? My very first job out of college, was in publishing. And I secured that job even before I graduated (a downright miracle back in 1978, when English professors were driving cabs because there were no jobs for English majors). That first job out of college, producing a radio program for a publishing company, remains one of my all-time favorite jobs. (I was doing what would now be a podcast, way back then!)

I look for that “click in my spirit” before I do anything, these days. The more you pay attention, the more you can recognize it. The more you heal the blocks to your own spirit and to God’s Spirit, the more you will feel it.

If you would like me to assist you in aligning with God’s dream for your life, it will produce a “click in my spirit” to do so. Sign up for coaching at HealingCodesCoaching.com.

If you would like to know what few products I recommend that have produced that “click in my spirit,” go here.

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