What Healing Codes Should I Use For ____?


A reader, Kimel, sent me an email with the following question:

I am 70. I bought the Healing Codes Manual years ago. Is there a code for improving balance and gait?

woman walking on train railwayThere is no specific code for that specific issue, or any physical issue per se, for that matter. The Healing Codes heal the negative energy in your body that it is stored in the negative images, beliefs, and memories that I believe are held in an energetic pattern in the DNA or cell.

However, when you do that—change that energy from negative to neutral or even positive–the ripple effects in the whole person, including the body, are seen and felt.


It often doesn’t happen over night, as most physical issues, by the time they show up in the body, have a number of contributory memories, feelings, and beliefs feeding into the problem.

I say that because another question a client asked recently was whether The Healing Code work, even if you don’t “feel” anything.

My answer to that is yes. The proof is the countless clients who “didn’t feel any changes,” but when they got their yearly checkups, for instance, their blood work showed former problems have been cleared up. Or their cancer markers went down, or whatever.

woman in white long sleeve shirt playing chess

Photo by John Benitez

I remember when my mother was alive and I was giving her weekly custom Healing Codes, the changes I saw were profound. More peace, happier, and she was even winning most of the time at Scrabble in her weekly game times with her sister! (A fact that greatly chagrined her sister.) Yet Mom didn’t herself notice any differences.

Back to Kimel’s question: what Healing Codes can he use for greater balance?

First he can ask himself how he feels about the need for greater balance? Is he fearful of falling? How strong is that fear? Where does he feel it in his body? As he tunes in to that sensation, can he think of another time he felt that kind of fear or physical sensation, about anything at all?

If he does remember, that’s the memory to start working on. And the category would be Peace, as that’s the opposite of fear. Since he has the Healing Codes Manual, he can look under the Peace category and pinpoint the negative emotions, harmful action (worry), and unhealthy beliefs listed under that category.

Since balance and gait are also connected to both the nervous system and the musculoskeletal systems, he can also focus on the Codes for Kindness and Self-control, respectively.

I have always been amazed at how the “heart issues” correlate to the body systems as was revealed to Alex Loyd. When I have a skin issue, I look for Joy issues. Sure enough, I find them. For the chronic issues that I’ve been diagnosed with, working on the corresponding categories brought resolution of most of them. When they pop up again, as respiratory issues did recently, I focused on shame, guilt, and “not enough” from the Goodness category. And the physical issues are abating.

Another option for Kimel or anyone is to work through the Healing Code categories in 3-day sets, praying that all issues connected to balance and gait be found, opened, and healed.

For Kimel’s issue, he would focus on those two main categories (Kindness for nervous system, Self-Control for musculoskeletal), and also, on each third day, go through all the Healing Codes categories.

So he might do the Codes for the nervous system on Days 1 and 2, then on Day 3 do the Forgiveness code (working through the 12 categories), and Days 4 and 5 the musculoskeletal system, day 6 the next of the 12 categories (Harmful Actions), Days 7 and 8, nervous system, day 9, Unhealthy Beliefs, and so forth, alternating the categories in that way.

As you can see, there are several ways to approach healing an issue with The Healing Codes, whether it’s a physical, emotional, or relational issue. The Healing Codes heal the “heart issues” that are the source of any issue.

By the way, there is more and more research and evidence for this idea that the emotional/spiritual issues truly are at the heart of any physical issue. Gabor Maté, MD, has written and spoken extensively on this topic. He has numerous YouTube videos you can look up, and his books, When the Body Says No: Understanding the Stress-Disease Connection and The Myth of Normal: Trauma, Illness, and Healing in a Toxic Culture, clearly explain how the body and mind/spirit are one.

In the latter book he acknowledges energy medicine, among other approaches, as an important and valid approach to healing. The key is “the individual’s active, free, and informed choice.”

By engaging in regularly doing The Healing Codes, you are activating your free and informed choice to heal. And that can do wonders.

And if you would like support for your healing journey, check out my current coaching packages at HealingCodesCoaching.com.

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