“What is LT3?”


A question from a subscriber about LT3:

"I've been getting these emails from Dr. Alex Loyd about something called 'LT3.' Lots of testimonials, but what exactly is it?"

As an LT3 graduate, I can tell you firsthand what it is.

LT3 is a separate process developed by Dr. Alex Loyd that stands for Life Transformation 3.

It incorporates Healing Codes but adds other elements to it. You work with Dr. Loyd himself, one on one, and he develops lifetime customized codes that will always be powerful, in 12 categories (not the same as the 12 Categories in The Healing Codes Manual or The Healing Code book). These Codes are very powerful and specific to you. They never "expire."

LT3 is taught over the course of 5 weeks. You get a teaching (via phone bridge line) from Dr. Loyd every week. In these lessons he covers health, relationship, and success issues–and what he teaches WORKS. You will get the MP3 recordings of these calls, by the way.

Each week you meet with Dr. Loyd personally over the phone to get your custom codes for the week.

The process is incredibly powerful. I love it. It is a pricey program but worth the investment IF you are committed to doing it every day. I believe I have saved the cost of the program in medical bills and medications avoided, not to mention the rise in income due to applying his success principles (the only ones that work from all I've tried as a former "self-help junkie").

Another plus: Just as with The Healing Codes, you can use the LT3 process on behalf of others. For yourself you would use your own Lifetime Codes, but for others you can use the LT3 process  along with a Code from The Healing Codes ManualThe Healing Code book, or a custom code. After doing the Code on yourself, you "release" the healing to the other person. 

Dr. Loyd offers LT3 several times a year. If you are interested in this, please contact me and I will answer any questions and let you know the best way to proceed. There is usually a waiting list, and I can help you get priority.


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Amelie Smith

Hi Diane,

does the LT3 correspond to what is taught in "The Greatest Principle…" where three other tools  (the energy tool, the heart screen and the 12 reprogramming statements) are presented?

Kind regards


Villy Mitchell

Hi Diane,
Are there any testimonials published from the LT3 program?
Thank you


Hello Diane,  So glad to know you could answer some questions. Actually, the soo many questions I have:    1.     How is it different from the Advanced Healing Code Training Manual and the Success Code? 2.     What exactly am I paying for?  3.     How many of these courses do you have to take? I noticed there is an LT4 course as well! 4.     Is there any financing available for the course? Is there any discount for unemployed,severely ill, or students?  5.     Any Guarantees for the program? 6.     How many hours/day does the session last? 7.     Its all done by Phone,… Read more »

pauline staeheli

what is involved in becoming a tester, financial, time commitments, etc. 


What is the cost of LT3? I can't find any information about it. Thanks.

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