“What is the Heart?”


Here is a good question, submitted to me at www.askabouthealingheartissues.com:

"What is the heart as discussed here? Is it your spirit? Your innermost core?"

When I talk about "the heart," I mean both the inner core of a person, the essence of who they are, and the place where their spirit, soul and body intersect. It includes not only our conscious thoughts, beliefs, and will, but the unconscious and subconscious images and beliefs that are stored in not only our brains, but (as science is discovering) also in our very cells.

This is what I believe the Bible refers to as the heart, also called the inner person. It is the part of us that is being renewed from the spiritual life we receive from God. The spirit is connected to the heart, but they are not one and the same. The spirit is "born again" by God's grace when we believe the truth about the Son, Jesus Christ, but that spirit then begins to transform "the heart" so that your whole self is transformed.

As your heart reorients toward Truth, the internal, unconscious stress signals that go out to your body's cells and to your mind and emotions will change. Without the stress signals, the body, mind and emotions can heal, and your whole life improves.

This transformation happens whenever you become aware of negative beliefs and images and consciously replace the negative with the truth. This happens in prayer and meditation on the Truth. It is accelerated by practicing The Healing Code, which incorporates prayer and meditation but also adds an element that addresses the frequency of the negative images/beliefs directly.

Focusing on healing issues of your heart is truly "the heart" of transformation of all areas of your life, because you're starting from the inside out. Jesus said all our issues come from the inside out, not the outside in. So you want to pay utmost attention to your heart. Solomon said, "Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it." (Proverbs 4:23).

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I really appreciate your explanation of when to say the prayer and when to use a truth statement.  It was unclear for me in the book.

Francis Harvey Davids

You bring out the greatest Truths of the Scriptures.  Keep up the good work. 


The heart is the most important and most phantastick organ in our body.
So it is great to focus on healing ofm the heart -then everything else will foillow.


Does one have to believe in the Christian and Biblical Jesus in order to receive healing of the heart?
I have been doing the Healing Codes ( the universal code) for about a month 2x day and believe I have been receiving some benefit ,but I am not a Christian as such. More a Universalist maybe ? (Background in Buddhism and Yoga)
Thank you for you blog.


This is pure wisdom Diane… excellent knowledge.

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