What Is Your Body Trying to Tell You about Your Heart?


One of the things that fascinated me from the beginning about The Healing Codes  is the correlation between the different body systems and what Alex Loyd calls “the nine virtues” (love, joy, peace,patience, goodness, kindness, trust, humility, self-control).

If, for instance, you have a thyroid condition, it’s likely that you have a love issue that needs healing. Thyroid falls under the endocrine system, and the endocrine system is correlated with the Love category. (The full discussion is in The Healing Code book and the Healing Codes Manual.)

In this system, then, your physical symptoms can be a clue as to which heart issues need healing.

I have found this to be very true, and very useful. When strange skins spots showed up, I asked myself, “Do I have a joy issue going on?” (Joy is correlated with the skin.) Sure enough, I did identify a joy issue. As I worked on healing the memories and unhealthy beliefs, the skin spots disappeared.

The opposite is also true. If you have an issue with, say, patience, healing that can help your immune system immensely, as that’s the category that correlates with the immune system. If you don’t address the issue, it’s quite likely some kind of immune system disorder will show up.

Illness as Metaphor

If you have an illness or a disease, your body might be trying to tell you something even more specific. Illness can often be a metaphor: your body is trying to tell you something important about what needs to heal.

I have been meditating on my recent neck pain, for instance. In January, after getting a cold, my neck locked up and I was in great pain. Oddly enough, the same thing happened nearly two years before.

So I asked myself first about the cold. That would be immune system. Immune system correlates with the patience category, so frustration, anger, impatience would be things to address. I’ve also noticed that boundary issues seem to be related to the immune system.

Sure enough, I was having all those issues in a particular relationship. Two, in fact.

After the cold came the neck pain, which the chiropractor said was a neck sprain. How on earth did I sprain my neck? I could remember nothing physical that could have caused that.

So I asked myself, is there a memory,  circumstance,  and/or person in my life that feels like “a pain in the neck”?

Answer: Yes. I have memories of being called “a pain in the neck” by my father when I expressed something negative (usually around some aspect of being Highly Sensitive, I realize now). Need to heal those memories.

Circumstance? Yes on that, too. Several, in fact. I addressed with Healing Codes/healing prayer feelings of frustration and anger toward certain circumstances in my current life. I especially focused on unhealthy beliefs, such as, “I can’t be OK unless everything and everyone is OK.” (A certain recipe for chronic frustration!) I found some generational memories for that, plus my chronic foundational memory, which I call “infant hospital memories.”

What about relationships? Well, there are a couple that are chronic “pains in the neck.” And one that got much worse right before the mysterious neck sprain happened. I worked on forgiveness and acceptance in those relationships.

Did I go to the chiropractor to help me heal the neck pain? Did I use the Halo on my neck? You bet I did. Pain, illness, or disease takes a multi-faceted approach to heal.

Yet I’m convinced that whatever else you do, you must address the emotional/spiritual issues. Whatever else you do may not work unless you get at the underlying non-physical sources of the problem.  More and more science is backing this up.

Always, always ask yourself about heart issues. “Above all else, guard your heart, for from it flow all the issues of life,” King Solomon advised 3000 years ago.

Use this interrelated feedback system to help yourself identify your true issues, and heal them at the source. Then you’ll feel better physically AND emotionally.

And if you need any  help with this process, feel free to contact me for a custom Healing Code or Healing Prayer at I will help you identify and heal the deepest issue your heart is ready to heal now.

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Great information. you refer to, ” Pain, illness, or disease takes a multi-faceted approach to you mean for an illness we need more than the healing code?
could you please explain the way you did the memory finder for your issues?

Lea Nocas

Wow! You really hit the nail on the head with the thyroid problem. For me, it started after a stressful time of moving the family back from overseas. But, the trauma that I suffered was not only that, but the knowing reality of the secretary of my husband- knowing that she was in love with him and that I tried to confront it but was denied any explanation of their relationship or any repentance of it until 8 years later, after having suffered from being denied being the one and only love of his life…. Now, after a car accident… Read more »

Giselle Del Blanco

Gracias diane, Bendiciones🤗💜

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