What We Really Want


Do you get as tired as I do of the endless marketing that assaults us at every turn?

And what is most of it all about?

Money. Feeling good. Power.

Of course, what the advertisers want us to believe is that we will get these things if we buy their products. The real underlying message is, “You need something from outside you to make you feel good.”

That sure doesn’t sound like we’re very free. We’re dependent on other things, outside of us, that we can’t really control, to make us feel significant, valued, secure.

I don’t buy it!

My identity and security IS tied to something outside myself, but it’s not a “thing.” It’s a Person. And that Person is Love, and that Person has himself secured my identity as a child of God (John 3:16).

And I don’t have to buy anything. I only have to accept what has been provided for me.

Knowing that, I don’t need all the world’s stuff. My security and identity comes not from wealth, not from power, but from my connection to the One who is the Source of everything. Because I’m connected to the One who owns it all, I have all the wealth I need. I have power, because the One who calls me his child and sister is the only Power source there is–and he shares it with me.

Guess what? A great car, a sleek body, a huge bank account can’t give you what you really want. What you really want is to feel love, joy, peace, security, freedom, a sense of abundance. Am I right?

So wouldn’t it make sense to focus, not on trying to get something that will make you feel good for the moment, but on creating that state that you want right now, in your heart, regardless of your circumstances?

Try it. Make it a matter of prayer. Ask the true Source of what you really want to create in you this state of love, joy, peace, patience, goodness, kindness, gentleness, faith.

And here’s a hint about what to do next: try giving some of these things to someone else. Want more love? Find someone to love–right now. Want more joy? Do something to add joy to someone’s life.

I have a friend who used to regularly ask, “How can I make your life more joyful?” What a question! And guess what? She’s one of the most joyful people I know (also the most generous).

Create what you want, right now, in your heart. It’s always a matter of the heart….

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Anne Ney

I am not healing with the codes and have been given months to live.  Praise God, I know without a doubt where I am going and I will be healed there.  I have peace, even though I am young and will miss seeing my grandchildren grow up…..pray I go quickly when that time comes.



The being we call "Jesus" is the Christ that can be found in the Heart.  Doesn't matter if we know his earthly name and history!  Just go to the Heart :-)


Wonderful post Diane. It sounds counterintuitive but it just means that with some intent and attention we get to feel good whatever, which is what we really want!
Today at evening service, the speaker encouraged us to find ways to give to people in need in the church, but to do it anonymously. A break out of radical generosity in reaction to the climate of financial pressure. Seems counterintuitive but in reality spiritually invigorating! So great to have this encouragement from your blog.

Bonnie Brown

I appreciate your insights and comments on the blog and feel that they make the Healing Codes relevant in their application. 
I wonder how a non-believer really comes out on top without knowing Jesus, even with the Healing Codes.

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